In addition to the data storage external hard drive there are 5 good function tutorials[Win11 Solutions]

18 2021-08-22 19:10

  In our traditional concept, we think that external drives are used to store files.If you still think best rated hard drive recovery software that way, then you can tell you with certainty that you have become an "Ultraman".The following best raw hard drive recovery software is an introduction to the other functions of the external hard drive besides storage.

  1. Transform best recovering lost files on usb the external hard drive into a "DOS boot disk"

  1. Insert the external drive, start the USBoot best recovery form digital camera hardrive software, and select the external drive icon in the main interface, as shown in Figure 1.

  2. Click the best recovery software external hard drive words "click here to select a working mode" to select a boot disk working mode, and then click the best recovery software for usb stick "start" button, as shown in Figure 2.

  [Tips] For external hard drive, we can generally choose "ZIP best software data recovery hard drive mode" or "FDD mode", there is not much difference between the two in theory.However, the compatibility best software to recover external drive of the two is slightly different. For example, some motherboards can support "ZIP mode" startup, best software to recover usb files while some motherboards can only support "FDD mode" startup.Therefore, if the external drive made best tool to recover deleted harddrive in a certain mode can't start the system, you may be able to easily solve it by changing to another best usb data recovery software 2015 mode.

  3. Finally, follow the instructions of USBoot to do it step by step, as shown in Figure 3.

   best usb data recovery software free 2. Transform the external hard drive into a "boot key disk"

  external hard drive file management best usb data recovery software mac expert software size:

  1. Start the "external hard drive Expert" installation program, determine the best usb data recovery software reviews drive letter of the external hard drive, and install the software on the external hard drive.

  2. best usb drive data recovery software Then, set an administrative password in the pop-up dialog box to complete the installation of "external best usb drive for chromebook recovery hard drive Expert".

  3. Right-click the "external hard drive Expert" icon in the taskbar, execute best usb flash disk data recovery the "Start Host Lock" command, and enter the password to activate the "external hard drive Lock" best usb flash drive recovery software function.

  4. Then, set the computer's lock termination time to the longest "72 hours", enter the best usb flash drive recovery tool unlock password, and click "Start".

  [Tips] When the "external hard drive lock" function is activated, best usb flash drive repair software the locked state will generally only be maintained for a period of time. If this time is exceeded, best usb hard disk recovery software the computer will be automatically unlocked.So, this is one of the reasons why the author chose "72 best usb hard drive recovery software hours", of course, the longer the protection period, the better.However, there is another consideration best usb recovery software actually free for choosing "72" hours.That is, in the design of "external hard drive Expert", when the user best usb recovery software free download selects the "lock termination" for more than 24 hours, then not only can the key be unlocked, but also best usb stick data recovery software the password can be used to unlock directly. In this case, it is easy to use More convenient.

  5. best usb thumbdrive for chrome recovery At this point, if you unplug the external hard drive, the computer will immediately enter the locked best windows 7 external recover drive state.Moreover, even if it is forced to restart, the locked state will run automatically, and the best windows hard drive recovery software security is quite good. As shown in Figure 6 is the screen when the computer enters the locked state best windows password recovery tool usb (full screen).

  3. Transform the external hard drive into an "encrypted safe"

  In the past, I often bet hard drive recover sofware reddit heard the publicity that a certain external hard drive has an encrypted storage function and a bios does not detect recovery usb certain external hard drive has a high security level.In fact, the encryption function is not only bios recovery 2 from hard drive available to these "special" external hard drives. With the help of the following small software, you bios recovery usb flash crisis disk can also transform your external hard drive into an "encrypted safe".