PNY Lianyang IT1167 Master Control Hooke Disk Mass Production Double Start Tutorial Perfect Edition[Win11 Solutions]

35 2021-08-22 19:00

  According to the PNY Hooke disks we sell, the current PNY Hooke disk products basically use Huirong dell recovery and restore not starting from usb and Lianyang masters. Huirong masters most of the matched TLC flash memory particles, and Lianyang dell recovery disk image for new hard drive masters basically match It is MLC flash memory particles; in terms of boot compatibility and success dell recovery disk windows 7 new hard drive rate, Hui Rong must surpass the main control of Lianyang, so the Taobao store of our external hard dell recovery partition win 10 low hard drive drive House so far only sells Hui Rong's Hooke disks. , Only for boutique.However, many of my friends dell recovery partition windows 7 new hard drive want to mass-produce the external drive controlled by Lianyang as a boot disk, but don't know how dell recovery tool usb format error windows 7 to start it. Here we will take everyone to complete the mass production.

  Before mass production, dell studio hybrid pc hard drive failure recovery you must choose the ISO file that will be written into the external drive. Normally, we mass produce dell support create a recovery usb windows 10 the more versatile WINPE system. Of course, you can also mass produce ISO containing XP and WIN7 dell supportassist os recovery won't backup to usb systems, which can support one-click Installation, completely foolish operation.

  Environmental dell usb recovery tool entry point not found description:

  Main control inspection tool: worry-free chip

  Dual-start parameters: USB-CDROM, USB-HDD

dell usb recovery tool jr71p win 2.1.2035.0 a00   USB-CDROM: Prepare the required ISO, and choose the one that suits you according to your needs

  USB-HDD: dell venue 8 pro boot from usb recovery Home of external hard drive external hard drive Boot Disk Maker V1.3

  Mass production tool: dell xps8990 pc recover windows 10 on usb Lianyang DtMPTool_V1.67B.9.75(IT1167)

  Mass production is risky. Although mass production can't developer mode asks for a recovery usb chromebook burn the main control and flash memory of the external drive; if it fails, it can be solved by mass dfl ddp data recovery equipment usb 3 0 production. In severe cases, the control firmware program in the main control of the external drive dfl ddp data recovery equipment usb 3.0 price will be reset, resulting in mass production. The tool can't communicate with the main control of the diff betwen recovery drive and external hard druve external drive. At this time, it can also be regarded as broken.

  If you have prepared the above difference between recovery usb and system repair disc resources, then OK, let's start now!

  1. Chip inspection

  Insert the external hard drive, run the chip disable bitlocker for usb drive new recovery key without worry, you can see the chip model is IT1167, Hynix MLC flash memory particles

  After getting disk recovery software and hard drive recovery tool this information, you can go to the external hard drive Home to search for IT1167 mass production diskpart format usb for hp recovery win 7 tools, remember the VID and PID numbers here, you will use them later.

  2. Download and install display driver stopped responding and has recovered hardware mass production tools

  Start the installation after the download is complete.

  The default path is display driver stopped responding and has recovered tomshardware fine, just go to Next

  Still the default, click OK

  Start to install the driver, it's a bit long, diy data recovery from an external drive mac so be patient until the prompt box disappears.