PNY K1 Series 8G external hard drive Evaluation[Win11 Solutions]

29 2021-08-22 18:40

  Nowadays, if external drive manufacturers want to win a position in this mixed market, the products dead laptop hard drive recovery on different computer they launch must have the characteristics of a combination of innovation, personality, fashion and dead seagate free agent external hard drive recovery multi-function.PNY, a brand from the United States, has always been well-known. Following the AK47 decompress recovery image on to a usb drive gun-style X1 series external drives previously launched, the K1 series Swiss Army Knife external deep scan hard drive recovery for one file drives were launched last month. The product adopts an army knife rotating pop-up design. Full of deleted data recovery software from external hard disk personality.

  PNY K1 series 8GB external drive appearance (click to enlarge)

  The overall size of the dell 5559 laptop reading recovery files from usb PNY K1 series 8GB external drive is 7 mm high x 17.4 mm wide x 52 mm long, weighs 5.4g.The entire dell 7577 usb drivers don't work after recovery design of the PNY K1 series 8GB external drive is similar to the design concept of the Swiss Army Knife, dell backup and recovery does not recognize usb and the unique rotary knob brings a new feeling to the user.

  The appearance of the front and dell backup and recovery usb key not detected back of the PNY K1 series 8GB external drive (click to enlarge)

  PNY K1 series 8GB external drives are dell backup and recovery win 10 usb boot equipped with five different colors: yellow, white, blue, green, and black, and provide capacities dell bios recovery 2 from hard drive disable ranging from 2GB to 32GB for consumers to choose more.The maximum read speed of the product can reach dell d620 recovery disk on new hard drive 30MB/sec, and the maximum write speed can reach 9MB/sec.The exquisite workmanship and solid color dell inspiron 15 7567 windows 10 recovery usb matching of the PNY K1 series 8GB external drives highlight the coolness of the "Swiss Army Knife". dell inspiron hard drive fail windows 10 recovery USB home

  PNY K1 series 8GB external drive details (click to enlarge)

  The unique one-key dell latitude 3490 create usb recovery windows 10 auto-rotation design of the PNY K1 series of 8GB external drives can make the USB read-write head of the dell latituide e5570 recovery usb cannot find drivers external drive pop out quickly, and it is well protected when it is not applicable. It is as tough and dell os recovery and restore usb key download handsome as a Swiss army knife.This external drive is waterproof, and it is a stylish accessory for dell os recovery burning os to usb key business or travel.

  PNY K1 series 8GB external drive interface (click to enlarge) Home of external dell os recovery tool not detecting hardrive 2018 drives

  PNY K1 series 8GB external drives have a capacity of up to 32GB, which fully meets the dell os recovery tool not recognizing usb drive needs of large-capacity users.The product also supports USB2.0 High-speed transmission interface, dell os recovery tool on blank hard drive support hot plug and plug and play functions, support power saving mode, Windows ME/2000/XP, Linux dell os recovery tool usb wont boot system 2.Version 4, Mac operating system does not need to use the driver, support Vista Readyboost acceleration dell os recovery usb drive needs additional driver function.

  PNY K1 series 8G external drive evaluation: