How to prevent Win11 from remotely controlling the registry with one key[Win11 Solutions]

23 2021-08-22 18:20

  We all know that there has been a problem of computers being remotely controlled and injected into windows 10 recovery file usb download ransomware Trojan horses, and it is still large-scale, and in fact, not only this method can achieve windows 10 recovery from bootable usb remote control, there are many Trojan horses that can be implemented, and the key is to control you windows 10 recovery from usb dell secretly. You don't even know about your computer, especially turning on your computer's camera windows 10 recovery hard drive locked silently is a terrible thing. So how can we ordinary people prevent the computer from being controlled windows 10 recovery hard drive reset remotely.In fact, we only need to modify a registry to prevent it. It is very simple and can be done windows 10 recovery image to usb with one click.

  Method 1: Copy the following code into Notepad

  Windows Registry Editor Version windows 10 recovery image usb download 5.00


  windows 10 recovery iso download usb  "Machine"=hex(7):00,00

  Then save as 1.reg, and then double-click to prevent the computer from being windows 10 recovery iso to usb controlled remotely.

  Method two, it can also be operated manually

  Start-run the input (regedit) windows 10 recovery manager bootable usb command-press Enter, open the registry editor, and expand in windows 10 recovery media dell usb sequence:


  We double-click AllowedExactPaths windows 10 recovery media usb dell to correspond to Machine in the right window, in the pop-up edit multi-character window, delete all windows 10 recovery media usb download the items in the numerical data (V), and then click: OK.

  This can also achieve the purpose of not windows 10 recovery media usb size being remotely controlled by the computer. It is actually the same. It is just a way of injection windows 10 recovery new hard drive and a way of manually modifying the registry. The core is to disable the remote control authority. windows 10 recovery no usb power Is it very simple, just do it like this Then your computer will be able to defend against remote windows 10 recovery password usb shareware control.