How to fix the SD card cannot be formatted successfully by Combination Boxing[Win11 Solutions]

24 2021-08-22 18:10

  When you see the combination box, don't think it's a manual repair of the SD card. In fact, it is recover data from hard drive windows 10 a tutorial to repair the memory card by combining two different tools. The SD card is indeed more recover data from hard drive windows 7 prone to damage than the external drive, but in most cases it supports soft damage and can be rescued. recover data from hard drive windows 8 Maybe, if you have enough patience, you might as well try to fix it, maybe you can succeed.?

  For recover data from hard drive with bitlocker many damaged SD cards that can't be recognized or formatted after being inserted into the computer, recover data from hard drive without partition you can use the following methods to repair them if you can't repair them with various software. recover data from hp laptop hard drive Basically, all of them can be repaired. "external hard drive hardware" Except for damage".Below I use recover data from hp passport hard drive an example to show how to repair a Kingston SD card: first use the universal low format tool and recover data from internal hard drive mac download LLFTOOL to process the SD card, then open the software, select "USB" and click Next (insert the recover data from internal sata hard drive SD card into the card reader in advance and then insert it) To the computer usb).

  Select low-level recover data from lacie external hard drive format in the interface-format the drive letter of this SD card, don't select the wrong drive letter, recover data from laptop hard drive hp or your hard drive data will be gone, choose the USB character, this process takes a long time recover data from locked mac hard drive and you need to be patient Figure A:

  After a period of time to complete, confirm.Figure B:

  Exit recover data from lptop hard drive options the software, reinsert the USB card reader to see if it can be formatted on the computer, if it still recover data from m.2 sed hard drive doesn't work, please export the second software "SDFormatter4".0"

  Download SD Formatter first, it recover data from mac encrypted hard drive supports SD/SDHC/SDXC cards, it can fix the failures that can't be formatted, can't be deleted, and recover data from mac external hard drive the free space is 0.Do not remove the memory card during the repair process, otherwise the memory recover data from macbook air hard drive card may be damaged.Interface after installing the software

  Now SD Formatter 3.0 Tested out the recover data from macbook pro hard drive memory card 1.87GB, click Option and select ON in the drop-down menu. Figure D:

  Click OK to run Figure recover data from malfunctioning external hard drive E:

  Return to the main interface and click Format Figure F:

  Figure G is determined at the recover data from maxtor external hard drive completion point of the operation:

  After the above operations, it can be said that the memory card is recover data from mcafee encrypted hard drive resurrected, but the last step is to re-insert the USB card reader, and the computer must be formatted. recover data from mechanical failure hard drive Figure H:

  Formatting start figure I:

  After finishing formatting, you can see that the computer recover data from mechanical hard drive failure recognizes disk 1.87G B Figure J:

  So far all repaired, thank you for your support!If the above 2 recover data from my dead hard drive software can not be repaired, then maybe there is a problem with your card hardware, it is recommended recover data from my external hard drive to return to the factory.