How to solve the tutorial when the external hard drive is offline[Win11 Solutions]

27 2021-08-22 18:00

  Nowadays computers basically have more than two hard disks, such as one ssd and one mechanical hard how to recover mbr on external hard disk disk, and some have 3 hard disks. Although multiple hard disks can hold more data, they sometimes how to recover mbr on external hard drive encounter problems, such as the hard disk does not display the drive letter. , Sometimes it also how to recover missing images from hard drive appears on the external hard drive and mobile hard disk, and the drive letter is not displayed when it how to recover missing space on hard drive is inserted into the computer. In fact, it may be caused by the offline state. The following is a how to recover missing space on usb thumbdrive solution to this problem.

  We can see in the Disk Manager: The disk is offline because it has a signature how to recover moved files from hard drive conflict with another online disk.

  1. First, right-click on "Computer" and select properties. how to recover music from crashed hard drive Switch to Disk Management on the left, find the offline hard disk, and right-click on it.If "online" how to recover my deleted files from usb is available, just click on online to restore to normal state.

  2. If the connection is not available, how to recover my deleted files in usb you need to open the command prompt (CMD) with administrator privileges in the start menu and how to recover my documents from hard drive run diskpart.

  Then enter the select disk * command to select the disk that needs to be repaired. For how to recover my external hard disk dat a example, select disk 6 is shown in the figure. Be careful not to choose the wrong hard disk.

  3. how to recover my files from hard drive Then run: uniqueid disk to display the disk ID.After getting the disk ID, we add 1 to it to avoid how to recover my files from usb drive signature conflicts. In this example, change the last ID letter from A to B.

  4. Run the command: how to recover my files in corrupted usb uniqueid disk ID=CAD4EBEB.

  Then we plug and unplug the external hard drive again to see the new drive how to recover my files in formatted usb letter displayed in the explorer.

  Note: Do not change the disk ID of the system hard disk startup how to recover my hard drive for free disk, otherwise it may cause unbootable problems.

  Therefore, the offline status is generally due how to recover my hidden files from usb to a disk id conflict, and it can be resolved by modifying one of the disk Id.