Let Linux run in external hard drive: based on Ubuntu 804 start dosgrub4dos[Win11 Solutions]

15 2021-08-22 17:40

  The name of Linux is ubiquitous, but it is a pity that the hard disk of the laptop is too small, undetected external hard drive data recovery and there is no extra space to install Linux in another area.Some time ago, I studied and experimented unformatted hard drive recovery xbox 360 in this forum and successfully installed Puppy Linux on the external hard drive, but this is a universal recovery disk windows 10 usb simplified version of mini linux, which has very weak functions.

  Reading this forum article "Linux unlock dell recovery usb thumb drive system installed on external hard drive, based on ubuntu (install the operating system imported)" can unlock hard drive in recovery mode not help but want to experience the full version of Linux experience.I went to the forum to study for unmountable hard drive crashing recovery programs a while, and finally realized the installation of Ubuntu on the external hard drive. I was very unreadable folders on usb stick recover excited and wrote down the installation process.

  I use dos+grub4dos to boot Ubuntu. This boot method unreadable hard drive recovery windows 10 is convenient to add PE and dos toolbox to make multiple boot disks.Some files needed in this article unreadable usb flash drive data recovery can be found in other mirrors, or you can use the attachment Ubuntu packaged by me.rar, external upgraded 8.1 to 10 recovery usb hard drive needs to reserve more than 800M space.If your external hard drive has realized dos+grub4dos usb 2 0 clock data recovery boot, you can start directly from the third step.

  1. Guide dos to start

  Start UltraISO, select usb 2.0 vs 3.0 recovery drive the menu "Boot CD/Write Hard Disk Image", select "Portable Boot/Write New Hard Disk Master Boot usb 3.0 driver for windows recovery Record (MBR)/USB-ZIP+" in the dialog box, and then select "Portable Boot/Write New Boot record of the usb 3.0 hard drive data recovery drive/windows 9x".Then copy the boot file command.com, io.sys, MSDOS.SYS to the root directory of usb and memory card recovery software the external hard drive.At this time, you can start the dos system from the external hard drive in usb based bootable windows recovery toolkit USB-ZIP mode.

  2, dos guide grub4dos

  Copy grub.exe, menu.lst to the root directory of the external usb boot disk to recover files hard drive and create an AUTOEXEC.BAT file, just add the text "grub".

  3. Download Prayaya usb boot recovery driver windows 8 LiveSystem

  Open username: ubuntu, password: ubuntuftp .

  Download the latest ISO in the ISO directory, and usb boot windows 7 password recovery download the ro file in the ros directory (a configured Linux program).

  4. Install Prayaya usb bootable data recovery kit 1.5 LiveSystem

  Create a prayaya-livesystem-usb folder in the root directory of the external hard drive, and usb bootable data recovery software free create a ros folder in this directory.

  Initrd in the ISO package.Copy gz and vmlinuz to the usb bootable os for data recovery prayaya-livesystem-usb directory, and initrd.gz renamed to initrd.img.

  Copy the ISO package itself to usb bootable windows 7 password recovery the prayaya-livesystem-usb directory.

  Copy the downloaded ro file to the prayaya-livesystem-usb/ros usb cable for hard drive recovery directory.

  The list of my prayaya-livesystem-usb directory files is as follows:

  5. Configuration usb card recovery software free download menu.lst

  In the menu.Add in the lst file:

  title Prayaya LiveSystem 8.04

  find --set-root usb chrome recovery mutliple drive letters /prayaya-livesystem-usb/initrd.img

  kernel /prayaya-livesystem-usb/vmlinuz mode=iso init=/sbin/init usb data recovery app for pc lang=cn dir=/prayaya-livesystem-usb ro_dir=prayaya-livesystem-usb/ros fs_dir=prayaya-livesystem-usb/savedata usb data recovery company near me quiet splash

  initrd /prayaya-livesystem-usb/initrd.img

  6. Add saving function (256M)

  Now usb data recovery free download filehippo you can start the journey of booting Ubuntu with external hard drive, but the system settings can't usb data recovery free download with be saved yet.Fs.Unzip the fs_256Mb file from rar, rename it to savedata and copy it to the prayaya- usb data recovery full version free livesystem-usb directory, then you can save the system settings.

  7. Precautions for use:

  The usb data recovery hyde park chicago default login user and password is prayaya, and the default is 10 seconds to automatically log in.

  Configure usb data recovery key free download the network: you need to enter the password prayaya, and click "Authenticate" to obtain usb data recovery mac os x permission, the same is true for other system settings.

  8. The way to make fs files by yourself

  Open usb data recovery on mx linux the command line, enter: head -c 256m /dev/zero >fs_256Mb external drive home

  256m means the storage usb data recovery pro license key space is 256M, which can be set to other sizes.Then copy the fs_256Mb file in the current directory usb data recovery service near me from the file management to your hard disk.

  The system has its own Firefox browser.

  openoffce-3.ro: usb data recovery services near me similar to Microsoft office, compatibility and functions are pretty good.

  opera9.52.ro: usb data recovery software anyrecover free opera9 browser.

  smplayer-2.ro: player, very powerful.

  evince.ro: small pdf reader.

  There are other usb data recovery software for android useful software such as QQ.

  Friends who are interested in Linux can try it, or go to China for usb data recovery software for pc a good reference.The attachments of this article are as follows:

  Let Linux run in external hard usb data recovery software free download drive: Based on Ubuntu: