The external hard drive prompts that the disk structure is damaged and cannot be read for how to solve the tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

19 2021-08-22 17:20

  Although the external hard drive is very convenient to use, you can copy data to any place with a recover data unreadable usb flash drive computer at any time, but it also has many problems. Among them, the external hard drive prompts that recover data usb drive after formatting the disk structure is damaged and can't be read. The fault is the most guilty, because the external recover data usb flash drive format hard drive can't be opened. What to do with the information in it, what to do if it's very important, recover dead hard drive data 32258 so today I'll teach you how to solve this problem.

  Method one, the system comes with repair

   recover dead hard drive software free 1. There is a start menu button in the lower left corner of the system desktop.After clicking, you recover dead hard drive using dd can see a search box, it can directly enter the external hard drive repair command: chkdsk G: /F.The recover dead receiver with usb upgrade capital G here stands for the drive letter of the external drive. Enter whatever drive letter you recover deleted data from hard drive have, and then press the Enter key to run.

  Then you can see a black repair box, we just need to wait recover deleted data from usb drive until it is automatically repaired.

  When the execution is halfway, there will be a prompt "Whether recover deleted data from usb free to convert the lost link to a file (Y/N)", here you can manually enter "N" and press the Enter key recover deleted data from usb stick to continue running until it terminates successfully.

  After the repair is complete, you can go to recover deleted data off hard drive my computer to open the external hard drive, can it be opened, and then see if the file in it is recover deleted data on hard drive still there, if there is still a problem, continue with the above repair steps, just check whether the recover deleted emails from hard drive lost link is converted to a file (Y /N), choose Y to try.

  Method 2: external hard drive mass recover deleted emails on hard drive production tool to solve

  Why is the mass production tool recommended? Because any failure of the external recover deleted external hard rive items drive can be solved by mass production, and this disk structure damage is the easiest, but the recover deleted file from usb key data in the external drive will be formatted, so in the data recovery software After retrieving the recover deleted file on hard drive data, the general steps are

  1. Use the chip to detect what the main control of the external drive recover deleted file usb drive freeware is. As shown in the figure below, the main control of the external drive is Chipsbank CBM2098E.

  2. recover deleted file usb drive shareware Use the name of the master to search this site to find the latest version of the mass production tools recover deleted files android external storage and mass production tutorials

  3. Just follow the tutorial to repair.

  Summary: Generally speaking, recover deleted files damaged hard drive the disk structure damage of the external hard drive is not a serious problem. Generally, it can recover deleted files external hard disk be repaired successfully with the system's built-in system, or it can be repaired with a external recover deleted files external hard drives hard drive repair tool. There is no way to use mass production tools. Fixed.