windows 117 external hard drive autoplay window adds viruschecking options/functions[Win11 Solutions]

17 2021-08-22 17:10

  Nowadays, computer viruses are rampant, and there are various types of viruses. There is a external retrieve files from broken external hard drive hard drive virus that has been very popular in recent years. In order to reduce the threat of this retrieve files from corrupted external hard drive virus, Microsoft has introduced corresponding patches to reduce the invasion of this virus. However, retrieve files from damaged external hard drive Microsoft has modified the previous auto-play in the Windows7 system. After detecting the external retrieve files from damaged laptop hard drive hard drive, it will not be opened without inquiry, but a selection window will pop up, allowing users retrieve files from damaged sata hard drive to choose operations according to their needs. external hard drive Home

  Although this method retrieve files from dead external hard drive effectively avoids the invasion of this virus, is there a safer and more effective method? It would be retrieve files from dead hard drive mac better to add a virus scanning function to it.Today, I share with you how to add virus checking retrieve files from external hard drive broken options to the automatic playback window of the Windows 7 system. First of all, users need to download retrieve files from external hard drive mac and install Microsoft's free antivirus software MSE and archive.   After the download retrieve files from external hdd mac os is complete, unzip, it contains mseautoplay.reg (registry key file), msescan.vbs (VB script file) retrieve files from failed external hard drive and undo.reg, double click mseautoplay.reg into the registry, msescan.Move vbs to the home of external retrieve files from failed internal hard drive hard drive under the Windows directory

  Insert the external hard drive again, it is not difficult retrieve files from formatted external hard drive to find that there is an extra "Scan For Viruses Malware", we double-click it, but it does not work retrieve files from formatted hard drive mac normally, and can't call MSE scan.

  Solution: Open the registry and take a look at mseautoplay.The retrieve files from hard drive after format item added by reg is not difficult to find in retrieve files from hard drive dead laptop [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\AutoplayHandlers\Handlers\ScanUsingMSE] This item is problematic. Its data item: retrieve files from hard drive without windows the value path of DefaultIcon is inconsistent with the location of MSE. Just change it to the same. retrieve files from old hard drive sacramento Activate the auto-run window again, but the program still can't run normally. external hard drive retrieve files from old windows hard drive Home

  Continue to find the problem, find msescan.vbs, open it, find the line [If vrb="Scan with retrieve files from physically damaged hard drive Microsoft Security Essentials." Then], replace the content between the quotation marks with [use Microsoft retrieve files from usb stick not recognized Security Essentials to scan.】 external hard drive Home

  After completion, use it again and find retrieve files off samsung s5 by usb that all the problems are completely solved.

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