Teach you to use the Fbinst tool to create your own bootable external hard drive DIY[Win11 Solutions]

20 2021-08-22 16:30

  If you are faced with too many HDD production tools and don't know what to do, have you ever thought dell factory image recovery usb reddit about using them to DIY your own bootable external drive.Actually it's not difficult, as long as dell hard drive data recovery service you want to do it, you can definitely do it.We don't ask for how powerful functions and beautiful dell hard drive failure data recovery interfaces are. We only need to make them suitable for our own use first, and the rest are done step dell inspiron 11 3000series usb recovery by step.

  Some things used here, fbinst1.6 official version, grub4dos, just these 2 models are dell inspiron 15 hard drive recovery enough!

  Literacy-what is fbinst?

  FbinstTool is a tool that can easily make a bootable universal external dell inspiron 1525 hard drive recovery hard drive.The feature of FbinstTool is safety, not as dangerous as mass production. We need to dell inspiron 1545 hard drive recovery find a variety of mass production tools.Create a hidden partition to save your files.Read-only, good dell inspiron 3847 recovery usb flash compatibility, can also support part of the old machines that can't be booted by mass-produced dell inspiron 7548 use recovery usb external drives.Easy to maintain, can manage files in hidden areas.

  At present, most of the external dell inspiron i5 7000 recovery usb hard drive boot making tools are called, and they are all attached to this tool to realize the operation dell laptop hard drive data recovery of writing the boot file to the external hard drive.

  Not much gossip, start to work.

  Insert dell latitude 10 usb recovery key the external drive and open fbinst to select your external drive.Attention, please carefully identify dell new hard drive windows recovery the size of your external hard drive.I am not responsible for formatting my own hard drive, so be dell os recovery and restore usb careful here!

  The parameters are as follows, you can choose the size of the extended area of the dell os recovery not detecting usb external hard drive, and fill in by yourself depending on the size of the file you want to put in.

dell os recovery save to harddrive   Don't choose zip mode for external drives larger than 4GB.In fact, the zip mode is not very good, dell os recovery tool bricked usb it is compatible with the old motherboard, and it is only suitable for the boot of the old motherboard. dell os recovery tool usb error The new one should use the HDD mode.

  After the formatting is complete, the situation is as dell os recovery tool usb format follows:

  Partition table.The pt file can be exported and saved, deleted or kept, I suggest you keep dell os recovery tool usbkey zip it, leave it as an option.It doesn't take up space anyway.

  Everything is done, you can see what dell os recovery usb can't boot happens to the disk just formatted with fb. USB home

  As can be seen from the above menu, fb directly dell p28f recovery windows 8 usb guides the grldr file in this zone directory.As for the modification here to achieve multiple startup dell recovery & restore usb drive methods, I will not talk about it for the time being.

  The following is to drag the file into it, dell recovery and restore to usb

  Just click all the files and don't put them in the window, let go of the mouse~ Wait~~OK~~~

  Finally, dell recovery and restore usb download complete the directory structure (referring to the directory structure of a certain cabbage, dell recovery and restore usb error it is still quite refreshing): Home of external hard drive

  At this point, your external drive is dell recovery and restore usb gczjgw1 ready to boot. Now wait for you to insert the external drive into the computer, restart the computer, dell recovery and restore usb key enter the BIOS and set USB-HDD as the first boot option to boot.

  Finally, let's talk about mass dell recovery and restore usb tool production and fb-based external drives.In fact, I am quite optimistic about mass production, but it dell recovery disk new hard drive depends on whether there is a mass production tool for the main control of the external hard drive. dell recovery disk smaller hard drive If there is, I definitely recommend that you go to mass production as a boot disk. If there is no tool, dell recovery from external hard drive you can only follow this This article is going to leave. The development of fb and grub4dos makes dell recovery media windows 10 usb the compatibility of the boot disk more and more high. In the end, mass production is just a tool dell recovery tool usb format error when the low format can't solve it. USB home

  Teach you to use the Fbinst tool to create your own dell recovery tool usb taking forever bootable external drive: