How to fix there is a question 1808 error in the Ghost installation system [Win11 Solutions]

24 2021-08-22 16:20

  Use u to start the one-key ghost installation system prompts question (1808) error how to solve?Today, recover hard drive from macbook pro spill the editor will analyze the cause of this problem and seek a solution.

  As shown in the figure recover hard drive hard drive recovery cost above, the question (1808) error is prompted when the system is installed, "Question: (1808) recover hard drive hard drive recovery software Decompression error, Abort?"Means to decompress the error and terminate.

  1. The ghost file is damaged;

  recover hard drive macbook pro recognized external  2. There is an error in the system partition.

  1. Re-download the ghost image file and install it recover hard drive needs to be formatted again;

  2. After repairing the partition table with diskgenius or easybcd, try reinstalling.

  3. recover hard drive not detected by bios If the above solution can't be solved, you need to enter the BIOS to modify the hard disk connection recover hard drive password for macbook air mode to AHCI, save and exit, and then reinstall the system.Specific steps are as follows:

  ① Turn recover hard drive that lost drive letter on the computer and click the delete or F2 key to enter the bios;

  ② Find the Advanced——SATA Configuration recover hard drive tricaster tcxd850 hard drive item and change the following mode to AHCI mode;

  ③ Press F10 to save and exit;

  ④ Reinstall recover hard drive water damage macbook air the system.

  4. The hard disk format is FAT32, so you can't save a file over 4G.We can try to solve recover hidden files from external hard drive the problem by converting the hard disk format from FAT32 to NTFS;

  5. Insufficient hard disk recover hidden files from usb flash drive space, sometimes the displayed space is enough but the disk is too fragmented.First of all, we need to recover hidden files from virus infected usb make sure that there is enough hard disk space, or try to clean up the disk fragments (clean/release recover hidden files in external hard drive disk space method);

  6. For unrecognized hard disk, it is recommended to check the hard disk;

  7 recover hidden files in usb using cmd . There is a problem with the memory bar, it is recommended to check the memory bar;