external hard drive boot to install Win11 systemboot from external hard drive to install Win11 to the netbook[Win11 Solutions]

21 2021-08-22 15:50

  With the popularity of netbooks, installing an operating system without a CD-ROM has become a new how to recover deleted usb partition problem. Here we introduce a new method of booting and installing XP from a external drive. Due to how to recover dell hard drive its small size, the external drive has gained a lot of popularity among computer users and is often how to recover encrypted hard drive used Data copying, data backup, etc. between computers, now I'll teach you how to add a function to how to recover erased hard drive the external drive, which is to make a external drive to start the installation of the XP system how to recover external hard disc installation disk.

  Everyone knows that netbooks don't have a CD-ROM drive, so how do you install a how to recover external hard disk system on a netbook? In fact, not only notebook users who don't have a CD-ROM drive worry about how to how to recover external hard drive install the system, but also desktop users who don't have a CD-ROM drive.In order to provide convenience how to recover failed hard drive for such users, I will take the netbook installation system as an example today to explain the how to recover failed usb drive easiest and fastest way to install a system on a computer without a CD-ROM drive without a CD-ROM how to recover faulty hard drive drive. external hard drive Home

  Note: This tutorial is also applicable to other computers without how to recover files corrupted usb optical drives. external hard drive Home

  1. external hard drive or memory card above 1G

  2. how to recover files from esdusb UltraISO-external hard drive system file writing tool

  3. System installation file [recommended download]

how to recover files from usb   Now let's talk about how to use external hard drive to make a boot disk to install the system

  The how to recover formatted external drive first step, double-click UltraISO.exe, and then open the external hard drive Home of the system how to recover formatted hard drive file you just downloaded

  The second step is to insert a external hard drive or a memory card, and how to recover formatted usb files select "Boot CD-Write Hard Disk Image"

  The third step is to select the writing mode and make a boot how to recover full usb space disk (please back up important data before writing).There are two modes: USB-ZIP and USB-HDD. Different how to recover hard disk drive modes are supported by the motherboard. In most cases, USB-ZIP is supported.

  Select "Yes" to how to recover hard disk drivers continue writing data

  The fourth step, after the production is completed, you can start to install how to recover hard drive externally the system.Insert the external hard drive into the netbook and turn it on, press DEL (or F2) to enter how to recover hard drive format the CMOS settings of the motherboard when booting, set the first boot device to USB or a removable how to recover hard drive formatted device, and it will be successful when it can boot

  external hard drive boot to install XP system-boot how to recover hard drive information from external hard drive to netbook installation: