How to put the external hard drive assistant produced by the sky 13PE is installed to the external hard drive system disk[Win11 Solutions]

31 2021-08-22 15:10

  Certainly many people like me do not have a CD-ROM drive. The system disk will install a PE, windows 7 recovery disk usb drive especially a powerful and easy-to-use PE. After the mass production of the external drive installation windows 7 recovery disk usb iso assistant of IT Sky, it feels particularly easy to use, and it is still Constantly update and improve, windows 7 recovery disk usb legal really a good assistant!Especially 1.After the 3+ special edition launched the ISO version.In addition windows 7 recovery disk usb size to being able to do it in the external hard drive, it can also be directly downloaded and windows 7 recovery disk usb stick transplanted to the hard disk system disk.Share here!

  After downloading the installation assistant ISO windows 7 recovery disk usb tool version, open it with a virtual CD-ROM drive, and copy all the files in the ISO directly to the root windows 7 recovery disk using usb directory of the system disk. Since there is a BOOT folder in the system disk, just merge it when windows 7 recovery disk with usb prompted, you can see that it is in the ISO There is a "grldr" file inside, this file is the file to windows 7 recovery download to usb boot into the menu, in fact, it is OK to add an item pointing to the "grldr" file in the system startup windows 7 recovery dvd to usb menu.For XP, modify the system boot option menu "boot.ini "Add one c:grldr="SKPE", because I am windows 7 recovery file via usb using a 7 system, so there is no verification, you can verify it, after win7, you use bootmgr, you windows 7 recovery image download usb can't modify it, you can only find a way to add one , Because I am also a rookie, I don't know how to windows 7 recovery image on usb write code, so I can only use a stupid way. Remember to use the rain forest together. Onekey can be windows 7 recovery iso usb download installed on the system C drive, add a system menu option, install Onekey on the C drive and then windows 7 recovery on usb drive Rename the "grldr" file to Onekey's "okldr" and just replace it.Restart and select onekey to enter (you windows 7 recovery tool usb download can use Rubik's tired software to change onekey to your favorite name, mine is the default boss's windows 7 recovery usb boot disk SKPE), boss's 1.3 interface appears, enter 07PE, everything is OK.