How to solve the problem that the External external hard drive does not display[Win11 Solutions]

24 2021-08-22 15:00

  Mobile hard disk is a storage product that emphasizes portability by using hard disk as the storage hard drive crashed clicking how to recover files medium to exchange large-capacity data between computers.When the mobile hard disk is connected to hard drive crashed how do i recover dat a the computer and other equipment terminals, the mobile hard disk can be opened to view the data hard drive crashed how to recover itunes library inside.But what should I do if the mobile hard disk is not displayed?

  First of all, it is clear whether hard drive crashed how to recover microsoft office the mobile hard disk does not display the reason for the hard disk or the computer and other hard drive data recover software that needs formatting terminals.

  On the one hand, if the external cause:

  1. When the mobile hard disk does not display, we hard drive data recovery eli the computer guy first check whether the data cable of the mobile hard disk is connected to the computer and the hard drive data recovery hard drive data recovery mobile hard disk. Sometimes, the computer can't recognize the mobile hard disk because it is not plugged hard drive data recovery near long beach ny in. In addition, when After the USB connection of the mobile hard disk is good, let's see if the hard drive data recovery salt lake city utah host USB accepts badly, try another interface, the front one does not work, change the back and try hard drive data recovery services san antonio tx again.

  PS: In some computers, because the front USB interface is not connected to the motherboard hard drive data recovery software for windows 7 interface, there are many front USB interfaces that are unavailable, so this also needs to be paid hard drive data recovery software free download filehippo attention to.

  2. After ensuring that the USB interface of the computer host is available and the data hard drive data recovery software mac os x cable is firmly connected to the hardware, the mobile hard disk still can't be displayed. We can hard drive data recovery using powered usb kit try to unplug the host's US interface again and try again after a while. The author has encountered hard drive disk has recovery drive windows 10 many In this case, when I started to connect to the computer, it prompts that there is a device hard drive failure recovery partition visible main inaccessible connection, but I can't see the drive letter of the mobile hard disk in my computer. It will be the result hard drive has over 100 partitions data recovery of repeated plugging and unplugging a few times.

  3. Get it on another computer and try it out. hard drive in the freezer to recover dat a If it is normal, it is the problem of your system. If it is not normal, it is the problem of your hard hard drive is making noises how to recover disk or the hard disk USB cable.

  4. Caused by improper system settings.You can double-click the hard drive is shot anyway to recover dat a mobile hard disk icon in the device manager and click the "Properties" button in the pop-up window. hard drive locked error during windows 10 recovery At this time, you can see four options: Disconnect, Deletable, Synchronous Data Transmission, and Int hard drive locked error during windows 8 recovery 13 Units, among which is "Deletable" The previous system default is not ticked, just check this hard drive lost all my file and retrieve option and restart the computer, you can see the newly added mobile hard disk drive letter in the hard drive mechanical failure recovery st louis mo Explorer.

  5. The USB driver is not compatible with some motherboards.This mainly occurs on some South hard drive mounted in read only for recovery Bridges with poor compatibility. The most problematic is nForce2. In this case, the operating system hard drive needs to be formatted recover dat a must first be marked with Service Pack, especially Windows 2000 must be upgraded to SP4, and then hard drive not detected by bios recovery dat a the chip must be downloaded. A dedicated USB controller driver is installed for installation, and the hard drive not recognized but recovery partition is compatibility is often better than the one that comes with the operating system.

  6. The impact of hard drive not showing in recovery options win7 virtual CD-ROM drive on the allocation of drive letters.DAEMON Tools is the most commonly used virtual hard drive not showing recovery or system partitions CD-ROM software, but improper installation, upgrade and uninstallation will affect the assignment hard drive not showing up in recovery mac of drive letters, making the mobile hard disk unable to display drive letters normally. In this hard drive not showing up recover mt files case, you can right-click "My Computer" and select "Manage" , And select Disk Management in the pop-up hard drive not showing up recover my files dialog box to see if there is any partition of the removable hard disk. If there is, try to manually hard drive not working how to recover dat a assign a drive letter. If the assignment is successful, you can open it, but every time you use it hard drive or external disk recovery software hetman later All must be allocated once. The radical solution is to completely delete the original DAEMON hard drive password recovery software for flash drive Tools first, and don't let go of the remaining items in the registry, and then restart to try to see hard drive portable recovery software free download bootable if it returns to normal. If it doesn't work, you can use the system restore function.

  7, the USB hard drive recovery do they look at everything interface power supply is insufficient.This is the most likely reason. Mobile hard disks are not hard drive recovery do they look at images external hard drives and game controllers. They require a lot of power for normal operation. Many mobile hard drive recovery does not show free program hard disks have auxiliary power supply ports. Power is taken from PS2 or another USB port. It is hard drive recovery free file system not recognized recommended to plug in (3.The 5-inch usually has an external power supply), even if only one interface hard drive recovery from external harddrive san francisco is plugged in, it can work normally, and the hard disk may be damaged due to insufficient power hard drive recovery only look in one folder supply. This is the same as the bad sectors of a desktop hard disk with a bad power supply.In addition, hard drive recovery process has been selected toshib a it is better to use the USB interface integrated on the motherboard instead of the front one when hard drive recovery process has been selected 東芝 using the mobile hard disk, and try not to use an extension cable. If you find it troublesome, you hard drive recovery process has been selected 鏉辫姖 can consider buying a USB HUB with an external power supply.

  Another reason: the reason for the hard drive recovery process toshiba what is it mobile hard drive

  Mobile hard disk does not display generally includes the mobile hard disk drive hard drive recovery service on orange ave orlando letter does not display and mobile hard disk does not display.

  The mobile hard disk does not display hard drive recovery service salt lake city utah the drive letter:

  Method 1: Reinstall the USB driver

  Right-click on the computer icon on the hard drive recovery software free download windows 7 desktop, click and select the "Manage" option in the pop-up menu to open the computer management page

  hard drive recovery stellar phoenix mac data recovery  In the computer management page, click on the "Device Manager" option on the left side of the page. hard drive recovery that can recover psd files This device manager option must be double-clicked, and then find the "Universal Serial Bus Controller" hard drive recovery the device is not ready option on the right side of the page.

  After opening the universal serial bus controller setting hard drive recovery tool stuck on loading screen option, we can see the serial bus devices that already exist in the current system. We right-click hard drive recovery usb takes forever to load on the "USB3.0 Expandable host controller", and then select the "Uninstall" button in the pop-up hard drive recovery wed my book for mac menu.

  We click the confirmation button in the pop-up dialog box to confirm the deletion of the device hard drive recovery with it being password protected and the corresponding driver, and then the system will automatically execute the deletion process. hard drive repair and recovery command line sof

  Right-click the computer name in the selection page, and select the "Scan for hardware changes" hard drive repair and recovery command line software option in the pop-up menu to let the system automatically detect changes to the system by hardware hard drive repair and recovery in houston texas devices.(During the entire experience, please make sure that the mobile hard disk is connected to the hard drive repair data recovery and computer repair computer's USB interface)

  The system will automatically install the device and its driver that were hard drive retrieval of lost deleted files xp just uninstalled. When the driver is reinstalled once, we can see that the mobile hard disk has hard drive short dst check failed data recovery been successfully recognized by the computer system.

  When the mobile hard disk is connected to the hard drive siezed spindle any way to recover computer and does not display the drive letter, we can right-click "Computer" and select the "Manage" hard drive turned into recovery disk lost 400gv item from the pop-up right-click menu.

  Open the "Computer Management" interface, expand "Settings hard drive wiped how to recover windows 10 Manager"-"Universal Serial Bus Controller", find the disabled "Mass Storage Settings", right-click hardware needed to recover data from hard drive and select "Enable".

  Right-click on the computer (My Computer) and select Manage;

  In the "Computer hardware tools to recover data from hard drive Management" window, click "Storage"-"Disk Management" in the list on the left

  Right click and hdd data recovery software for scratched hard drivew select "Change Drive Letter and Path"

  Assign other unused drive letters

  At this time, if the window help making a recovery usb for windows 10 shown below pops up, it means that the mobile hard disk can display the drive letter normally.

   hendersonville nc recovering data from external hard drive Of course, it is also possible that the mobile hard disk can't be displayed normally because the USB hoq to recover data after fourmating harddrive free interface is disabled.In view of this kind of situation, it is recommended that you search the hot to recove files on external hard drive Internet for "Da Shi Zhi USB Management System" to solve the problem.

  After installing the program, it how big a usb for windows 10 recovery will be running in the background. You can wake up the main interface of the program by pressing the how big micro sd windows 10 recovery usb keyboard combination "Alt+F2".In this interface, check the "Restore USB storage settings, normal how big of a usb for recovery disj use of mobile phone or Bluetooth settings".

  Of course, here we can also set the use of specific how big usb drive for windows 10 recovery mobile hard disks, just check the "Only allow specific USB storage devices (such as external hard drive, how big usb for windows 10 recovery drive mobile hard disk)" item, and click the "Add specific external hard drive" button.

  Open the "Add how can i recover deleted data from usb a specific external hard drive to use" interface, select the mobile hard disk that has been inserted how can i recover my files in usb into the computer, click the "Select" button, add it to the "Allow List", and click the "Close" how can i recover my hard disk drive button.

  Method 4: Modify the registry to solve the mobile hard disk does not display

  Open the "Run" how can i recover my hard drive dat a dialog box, enter the command "regedit" to open the registry program.

  Expand "HKEY_ CURRENT_USER" how can i recover my laptop hard drive →"Software"→"Microsoft"→"Windows"→"CurrentVersion"→"Policies"→"Explorer", right-click on the right how can i recover my usb flash drive side and select "New"→"Binary Value"

  Set its command to "NoDrives" and its value is "0"

  Finally, how can i repair my usb flash drive click the "OK" button.

  Restart the computer to solve the problem.When you insert the mobile hard how can i retrieve my files in usb disk again, you will find that all drive letters can be displayed normally.

  First use HDTune PRO to how can recover data from external hard disk detect whether your mobile hard disk has bad sectors, that is, whether it is damaged.Generally, the how can recover deleted usb data from cmd mobile hard disk that can't display the icon (can't be found in the computer resource manager) is how do i create a acer recovery usb good, but the system recognition fails, and it can also be recognized by HDTune.Omit the detection how do i create a windows recovery usb step.

  Furthermore, we need the well-known data recovery and disk partitioning software in China, but how do i enable usb debugging from recovery the most famous partition is Disk Genius.

  Open DiskGenius, you can see related disks that are not how do i make a bootable recovery usb displayed on the computer in the disk list, then select the disk you want to repair, and then click how do i recover a crashed hard drive "seagate" in the upper left corner, "Search for lost partitions (rebuild partition table)".

  You how do i recover a formatted hard drive will see the original partition of your disk, save the disk partition, and you will be messed up.

  Exit how do i recover deleted files from usb all software, reconnect the USB mobile hard disk interface, you will see the original data.

  Method how do i recover lost hard drive space 6: The problem of the mobile hard disk itself

  1. If the above failure causes are eliminated how do i recover my external hard drive and the mobile hard disk still can't be used, it is likely that there is a problem with the mobile how do i recover my hard drive dat a hard disk itself.The structure of the mobile hard disk is relatively simple, mainly composed of a hard how do i recover my laptop hard drive disk box and a laptop hard disk. The hard disk box is generally not easy to break, and most of the how do i recover my transcend hard drive problems are caused by the laptop hard disk.In order to avoid damage to the hardware of the mobile how do i use recovery usb windows 10 hard disk itself, the following aspects should be paid attention to during use:

  2. When the mobile how do i use windows 10 recovery usb hard disk is used, it should be placed in a stable place. Do not move it when it is being read or how do professionals recover data from hard drive written, so that it will be shaken.

  3. Strictly follow the procedures when unplugging the mobile hard how do recover the delete usb drive folder disk: When the hard disk is not reading, double-click the "Unplug or Eject Hardware" icon in the how do they recover data from hard drive lower right corner of the taskbar, and "stop" the use of the device in the window that appears. Remove how do you create a usb recovery drive the device option from the system, and finally unplug the mobile hard drive from the host (remember how do you recover a file from usb not to unplug the hard drive while reading or writing, otherwise the laptop hard drive is easily how do you recover a toshiba hard drive damaged).

  OK!The above is to solve the reason why the mobile hard disk can't be displayed.To solve how do you recover failed external hard drives the problem, we must first find the cause of the problem, whether it is an external cause or the hard how do you recover files from a usb disk itself, and then we can find a corresponding solution.