Jinbang 16G external hard drive ISP NONE firmware is lost perfect mass production repair tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

23 2021-08-22 14:20

  Jinbang 16G external hard drive is very cheap, so many people bought this disk, but it suddenly hp bios recovery usb flash drive broke yesterday. It was prompted to insert the disk. Later, it took a lot of effort to restore it to 2 hp bios recovery usb not working 02M. This capacity is obviously unscientific and useless. Significance, so in line with the principle hp boot recovery failed hard drive of treating a dead horse as a living horse doctor and turning into rubbish if you fail to cure it, hp chromebox not booting recovery usb after unremitting efforts, repeated attempts, and countless failures, it was finally successfully hp cloud recovery not detecting usb repaired.

  Chipgenius information before repair:

  ISP NONE, that is, the ISP firmware has been lost.At hp copy recovery partition to usb this time, ordinary methods can't be repaired.

  Therefore, unconventional methods must be used. hp create a bios recovery usb The key to success is to download (SM3259AA_V15.10.05.21_O1012 version) The mass production tool is hp create recovery usb from bios waiting to be used, and then download (the Jinbang external hard drive prompts please insert the hp create recovery usb windows 8 disk mass production repair configuration file) after decompression, copy it and replace SM3259AA_V15. hp desktop recover image usb boot 10.05.Setting in the UFD_MP folder in the root directory of the 21_O1012 tool.set file and mass hp dv9000 bios recovery from usb production setting file geil 16g.ini.Don't use version of the tool, because no matter how to hp envy 14 k110nr recovery usb set the ECC, it can only be mass-produced to about 200M.

  At this time, you can use the modified 1 hp envy 17t bw000 recovery usb version of the mass production tool, pay attention to the "ECC setting" in the setting hp envy 17t usb recovery stick after repeated attempts, if it is less than 30, the normal capacity (above 14G) can't be obtained, hp envy 27 p014 recovery usb for example, if it is set to 24, the final capacity can only be 5386M.

  Set to "capacity priority" hp envy x360 recovery usb disk than "speed priority" to get a larger capacity, and there is basically no difference in speed.

   hp envy x360 usb recovery tool If you do not replace the Setting in the UFD_MP folder of the mass production tool.set, will definitely hp external hard drive data recovery get the failure result of "too many bad blocks".

  The time required for normal mass production hp hard disk drive data recovery depends on the computer configuration, it is about 1 and a half hours, too long or too short is not hp hard drive data recovery tool normal.

  The ISP version before mass production is , and after mass production, it becomes . The hp hard drive failure recovery disk capacity will be slightly larger than the original capacity, and the speed will be slightly slower than hp hard drive failure recoving windows before.

  PS: ECC can be mass-produced until 30, which is enough to show that the quality of flash hp laptop corrupted bios recovery usb memory is too inferior. It also verifies a famous saying: cheap but not good.It is strongly recommended hp laptop hard drive data recovery not to use it to store any important files, you know the consequences.

  Screenshot of the chip hp laptop hard drive recovery partition after mass production repair:

  Screenshot of successful mass production:

  Screenshot of the repaired hp laptop recovery new hard drive HD Tune speed test:

  When ECC is open to 24, the read and write speed can reach 20/15, but the hp laptop recovery usb windows 10 capacity is only 5386M.

  The last is the expansion integrity test:

  The test is passed, indicating hp laptop recovery windows 10 usb that the capacity is normal and all are available. At this point, the Jinbang external hard drive hp laptop windows 10 recovery usb is really perfect and can be repaired successfully. If you have any questions, please leave a message hp mini 110 recovery usb download below.

  Finally, thanks to aping365 for sharing experience.