Solutions to if the SD card cannot be formatted[Win11 Solutions]

15 2021-08-22 13:50

  Every time the memory card SD card is damaged, it will be a friend of the card. A lot of games, recover file from hard drive after format photos, videos, and navigation maps have to be uploaded again, which is very troublesome.And some recover file from usb with corrupted file important information will be lost, is it very distressed.Today I will bring you a solution. If it helps recover files after formatting hard drive mac you, remember to share it with your friends: If the SD card is damaged in the future, do not format recover files after formatting hard drive twice the memory card again. Try the following method first.

  Now let external hard drive Network teach recover files broken screen android usb debugging you how to repair your sd card with the tools of the system itself:

  1. The phone prompts that the recover files deleted from usb flash drive TF card is damaged and needs to be formatted.

  2. Insert the TF card into the card reader and connect recover files directory and files from usb it to the computer USB, the computer prompts to format, click Cancel.Then check the properties.

  recover files external hard drive after formatting  Directly use the tool in the properties-start to check, found that the disk can't be checked for recover files external hard drive partition deleted errors.

  3. Click "Start Menu" on the computer-"Run"-chkdsk H:/F (H: is your SD card drive letter, /F recover files formatted hard drive free download is the repair parameter.)

  4. Wait for the repair to be completed, the DOS window will automatically recover files from a broken usb stick close.

  5. After the repair is completed, check the properties of the TF card, the display is recover files from a corupted hard drive normal.

  6. Insert the TF card back into the phone and find that everything is normal.All information recover files from a external hard drive is there, no loss

  The second method:

  1.Insert the SD card into the computer using a card recover files from a pc hard drive reader.Right-click on the "My Computer" icon and select "Manage", the "Computer Management" window recover files from an old hard drive appears.

  2.Click "Disk Management" under "Storage" on the left side of the window, and the screen will recover files from bad external hard drive show the information of all storage devices in the current system.Among them, "Disk 1 (removable)" is recover files from bad hard drive free the SDk card to be repaired.

  3.Point to "Disk 1", click the right mouse button, select "New Partition", recover files from bad hard drive linux and then select "FAT32", the system will prompt that the partition is created successfully.

   recover files from bad hard drive mac 4.Format the SD card.

  5.Through the above steps, the SD card can be repaired.

  Note that the second recover files from bad sectors hard drive method will damage the data because it has been formatted;

  The third method, use the memory card recover files from broken external hard drive repair tool

  General memory card repair tools and external hard drive formatting tools belong to recover files from broken hard drive free one type, that is, forced formatting. This method will damage data, but it is possible to repair your recover files from broken hard drive mac SD card. If your SD card is genuine, the repair success rate is still very high. High, this kind recover files from broken usb flash drive of software is relatively large, which are launched by major SD card manufacturers, such as the famous recover files from corrupted external hard disk Panasonic SD card repair tool, Transcend SD card repair tool, Toshiba SD card repair tool, etc., recover files from corrupted external hard drive and it is also possible to use external hard drive formatting tools to repair Your memory card, such recover files from corrupted hard drive external as HP external hard drive repair tool, computer store sd card repair tool, etc., everyone can try one recover files from corrupted hard drive free by one, anyway, if you don't repair it, it won't be saved. You might as well have a look at your recover files from corrupted hard drive linux luck. It should be the hardware already. broken.