How to distinguish between genuine and fake Kingston external hard drives[Win11 Solutions]

22 2021-08-22 13:10

  Time flies so fast, it's the end of the year in a blink of an eye.The shopping spree season is also make a recovery usb stick for windows 10 here.Many people think that the major sales promotion methods at the end of the year will definitely make a windows 10 recovery usb on mac save money.But we often say that you get what you pay for, and there is some truth in cheap but make an os x recovery usb on windows not good products.Especially at the end of the year, shopping must be more cautious.Every business make bootable usb from recovery partition yosemite mac wants to make a fortune when consumers are crazy. There are a lot of methods. Everyone must be make dual boot windows recovery and install usb careful.

  Kingston anti-counterfeiting strategy

  In the storage market, the brand that everyone knows most make el capitan bootable usb from recovery partition about the rampant counterfeit goods is Kingston.Anti-counterfeiting has always been Kingston's make usb recovery drive for surface pro 4 biggest headache.Sometimes I really have to admire these copycat manufacturers, imitating can also be make windows 10 recovery usb for another computer fake, and the skill is not shallow.In order to prevent consumers from being deceived, Kingston has make windows 10 recovery usb on windows 7 made a lot of efforts to prevent counterfeiting of its storage products.Consumers only need to master make windows 8 1 recovery usbfor another pc the techniques and methods of anti-counterfeiting, I believe everyone will not be deceived again, make windows 8 recovery usb from windows 7 let's take a look.

  Look carefully at the appearance of Kingston USB recognition

  In the external make windows 8 recovery usb on a mac drive market, because of the low production technology of such small products, fakes are the most make windows recovery usb for any windows version widespread.Especially for big brands such as Kingston and Apacer, fakes are everywhere.However, no matter making a recovery password usb for windows 7 how good the imitation is, the fake is a fake after all, there are still flaws to find.Next, I will making a windows 7 bootable usb recovery flashdrive compare this kind of high imitation external drive with the genuine one, and teach you how to making external hdd a recovery drive windows 10 distinguish the real external drive from the fake one.

  High imitation Kingston external drive (left) making windows 10 recovery usb on a mac and genuine Kingston external drive (right)

  This kind of high imitation Kingston external drive font manual copy asus recovery partition to usb steps is brighter, the color is bright, and the material is a bit whitish; while the genuine font is microsoft creating and using a usb recovery file darker, and the material has a metallic yellowish color.There is another type of counterfeit external microsoft diagnostics and recovery toolset msdart 8.0 usb drives with darker colors, non-exquisite materials, and poor hand feel, while the genuine ones have microsoft diagnostics and recovery toolset usb download tool brighter colors and strong smoothness.

  Kingston genuine external drive

  The difference between the microsoft recovery tool formated my external hard drive two can also be seen from the chip structure inside the disk body: the chips and components integrated microsoft recovery tool formatted my external hard drive in the fake disk are not as many as the real disk, and the circuit is not as complicated as the microsoft recovery usb windows 8 how to use real disk.

  Kingston genuine USB anti-counterfeiting query

  Summary: In fact, as long as you carefully microsoft surface 32 gb windows rt recovery usb identify and observe from the points mentioned in the article, I believe you will not buy fake microsoft surface pro 3 windows 10 recovery usb external drives.At the same time, the editor reminds consumers whether they want to buy the genuine microsoft surface pro 4 create usb recovery drive product or the official Kingston general agent and the larger distributors. The chance of buying the microsoft windows 7 iso to usb recovery tool genuine product is greater. At the same time, the warranty is guaranteed to ensure that nothing is missing storage space on hard drive cant recover lost.

  Eye-catching eyes-memory sees PCB

  The leader of the memory industry, the sales volume is modo recovery sin botones y sin depuracion usb number one every year, and this also attracts the greedy eyes of counterfeiters.Although Kingston most powerful open source hard drive recovery software changed the memory to a narrow board design, fakes soon appeared in the market, which can be described most recommended way to recover pictures from usb as fast.Below, the author will explain to you how to distinguish through real photos, please see the most reliable emergency recovery usb for mac sierr a picture below.

  Chip particle comparison

  The real memory in the picture below is a close-up of mount knoppix iso to recover files onn usb the Kingston notebook memory particles taken by the author before. It uses the same Elpida particles move files to a usb from windows recovery as the fake Kingston memory. It can be clearly seen from the picture that the real memory particles move lenovo recovery partition to new hard drive are printed clearly, while the fake memory particles are very dim. The contrast is very sharp.

  Price move recovery partition to end of hard drive is the real "big head".Therefore, usually PCBs are basically manufactured by regular foundries, move recovery partition to usb windows 8 1 and the particles are "white tablets" in the jargon, which are the inferior particles in the industry. move windows recovery partition to another hard drive The price is very cheap, but the stability and compatibility are very poor.

  Comparison in details move windows recovery partition to different hard drive (authentic)

  Two flaws can be seen from the above picture. The first one is the miniature printing mrchromebook bios please install a recovery usb stick of Kingston's R-type trademark. It should be clearly printed around the registered trademark "R" mrchromebook seabios please install a recovery usb stick because it can't be clearly displayed because of the camera. It's much clearer in terms of painting.

msi recovery image backup won't see usb drive   Comparison in details (fake)