The external hard drive cannot be read/write protected and cannot be formatted in the repair process[Win11 Solutions]

32 2021-08-22 13:00

  A few days ago, the external hard drive could not be read or written, it always prompted write macos bootable usb boots to recovery protection, and it could not be formatted.This really gives me a headache.I found many methods on the macos el capitan create recovery usb Internet, but they didn't work. I tried to modify the registry, install and change partitions, etc., macos high sierra recovery mode usb but they didn't work.I can only feel it myself. During the period, I was misled and used a external macos recovery from usb transmac windows drive to kill viruses, and all the files in the external drive were garbled.Use the system's built-in macrium reflect recovery usb flash drive disk management tool to forcibly format, but a more sad situation happened.external hard drive macrium reflect recovery usb windows 10 capacity is displayed as 0 bytes.It's more serious than prompt write protection!

  This kind of situation made external drive a recovery disk made me feel a little bit helpless at the time.Later, I suddenly thought of something, so I tried magnet on hard drive damage recovery step by step and finally succeeded.Now write it down and discuss with everyone. If you have encountered magnetizing a hard drive and recovery a similar situation haunted, first try the following methods.

  Registry method: mail dead hard drive for recovery HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE---->SYSTEM---->CurrentControlSet---->Control---->StorageDevicePolicies, the WriteProtect property make a bitlocker recovery key usb will appear in the right window, and see if its key value is 1?Manually change it to 0, and create make a dell os recoverly usb a new down value if there is no.

  Disk management method: use the disk management that comes with make a high sierra recovery usb the system to format, see if it can be resolved.

  If none of the above methods work, then use the make a mac os recovery usb following method!

  You must first determine what master control your external hard drive is. Here I make a mac usb recover usb recommend a master control detection tool---Chip Worry-Free V1.5.4 very practical, all kinds of make a recovery usb windows 10 testing tools are available.

  To be honest, this master is really rare, and it really caused me a make a recovery usb windows 7 headache. I found an Anguo mass production tool on the Internet and downloaded it to the "Anguo Chip Mass make a usb bios recovery flashdrive Production Tool v12.08.04.Version 00", according to the current situation, it can only be make a usb recovery disk macos mass-produced.After downloading, directly unzip and run.Let the software scan automatically.

  The picture make a usb recovery drive mac above was scanned with an older version before, and it was not fixed, but v12 was changed.06.08.00 make a usb windows 7 recovery version, just fine.After scanning, it turns out that there is a bad block in the external hard drive-- make a windows 10 recover usb || (Experience tells us that the mass production tool must use the latest version.!)

  My 4G external make a windows 10 recovery usb drive was half broken and let the software repair it automatically.The repaired screen:

  With mass make a windows 8.1 recovery usb production tools, it's done, although half of the capacity is lost.But it's good enough to make a windows vista recovery usb use.Fortunately.Provides a lot of master control solutions, and you will definitely find a master control make a windows xp recovery usb solution that suits your external hard drive. If you find it right, half of it will be saved.

  I asked make bootable recovery usb windows 10 a friend about the occurrence of bad blocks, and said that in addition to virus damage, it is also make bootable recovery usb windows 7 related to the power-on time.Some chips with good physical fitness can be used for about 5 years, make bootable recovery usb windows 8.1 and those with poor physical fitness are only 1-2 years.

  The repair is complete. To summarize the make bootable usb from recovery partition overall process, first try to solve it with the registry and disk management method. When there is make bootable usb recovery windows 10 no solution, check the master control information and try the mass production tools provided by the make bootable usb recovery windows 7 manufacturer.