How to install the system with external hard drive here to learn Ghost article[Win11 Solutions]

30 2021-08-22 12:30

  Before installing the system, you need to prepare something.One is a mirror image of the operating data recovery software hard drive crash system, and the other is a bootable external drive.Below we will explain how to install the ghost data recovery software mac external drive version of XP system.

  The first is to make a bootable external hard drive with WindowsPE that can data recovery software mac seagate external boot the computer

  First go to the Internet to download a tool called "Lao Maotao winpe" (also data recovery software network hard drive recommended "external hard drive Home external hard drive Boot Disk Creation Tool") to the hard disk, then data recovery software run from usb connect the external hard drive to the computer, and then follow the steps below step by step Now data recovery software sata hard drive you can make a bootable external drive.

  First: Set the computer's first startup item to USB device data recovery software unreadable hard drive startup

  In the past, when using CD-ROM to install the system, the startup item must be adjusted data recovery software unrecognized hard drive to the CD-ROM boot, but now we want to use external hard drive to install the system, so we need to data recovery software usb hard drive adjust it to external hard drive to boot.Regarding this, different computers and different versions data recovery tool external hard drive of the bios have different setting methods, but they are all the same, the purpose is to make the data recovery tool for a harddrive computer's first boot item become external hard drive boot.[Different types of bios adjustment methods] data recovery tool for usb drive .

  Second: Install XP with a bootable external drive

  First connect the external drive with boot data recovery tools for internal harddrives function to the home of the computer external drive

  Third: After starting the computer, you can see data recovery tools for usb drives a selection menu, select "WinPE Mini Maintenance System

  (By: MAOTAO)".You will be asked to enter data recovery toshiba laptop hard drive the password to start the external drive, which is the password set in the previous article when data recovery transcend external hard disk making this startup external drive.After you enter the correct password, enter WinPE

  Fourth: Then you data recovery unreadable external hard drive will enter WinPE, a mini operating system running on a external drive (not on a computer's hard data recovery usb drive free download drive). It has many functions similar to XP. With it, we can do whatever we want with the computer.C data recovery usb drive free software drive can be formatted (when formatting, choose a good format, that is, what is the file system to be data recovery usb drive not formatted installed, NTFS or FAT32)

  Fifth: Use WinPE on the external hard drive to format the C drive in data recovery usb external hard drive the computer and start another WinPE software, Norton Ghost.Use it to restore the ghost image of the data recovery usb flash drive mac system to the C drive of the previously formatted computer.(Here introduces the ghost image, download data recovery usb for usb c the ghost version of the system image ISO format on the Internet, use the decompression file to data recovery usb price in maryland extract the WINXPSP3.Decompress the GHO file to the specified folder, and the external drive can also data recovery usb stick free mac be used; you must complete the boot disk before entering the external drive)

  The following installation data recovery usb stick mac os steps are the same as usual using GHOST

  1: Open the necessary option external hard drive Home data recovery using usb flash drive according to the legend

  2: After starting GHOST, the method of use is no different from the usual data recovery water damaged hard drive use of GHOST to restore the system.First select Local, then Partition, then From Image, and then data recovery without usb debugging s7 find the WINXPSP3 you unzipped.Select GHO, then select the hard disk to be restored, and then select data recovery wizard hard drive recovery the partition to be restored.

  How to install the system with external hard drive, here to learn ( dead external hard disk data recovery Ghost article):