Kingston USB cannot be recognized[Win11 Solutions]

17 2021-08-22 12:10

  Maybe many of my friends' external drives are made by Kingston, but with long-term use, the external recover thunderbird email from hard drive drives will have some strange problems. One of the common and difficult problems is that the recover ubuntu password with live usb external drive can't be recognized. For this kind of problem How do we urgently solve the emergence of?The recover unallocated partition on usb drive following will teach you the appropriate solution.

  1. Solve on the premise of recovering data recover unallocated space external hard drive first

  Generally, Kingston's external drive can't be recognized, and the data in the external drive recover unallocated space on hard drive can't be copied. For friends who have important data on the external drive, the first thing we have recover unallocated space on usb drive to consider is to get the data out and then repair the external drive, so we first What to try is to recover unallocated space usb flash drive determine whether the external drive itself is the problem or the system problem

  1. We plug the recover usb drive from chrome os external hard drive into other computers to see if it can be recognized. If other computers can recognize recover usb drive from google recovery it, it means that it is a problem with our own computer. After copying the data, we can insert recover usb drive not recognized diskpart it into our computer as follows:

  Click on the computer on the desktop, right-click on the management, recover usb drive not recognized mac as shown below

  Then click Device Manager, click Universal Serial Bus Controller, expand and recover usb drive not recognized ubuntu find the USB mass storage device option, right-click to uninstall, then we unplug the external hard recover usb drive raw file system drive and plug it in. After plugging in, the external hard drive will be recognized.

  2. If our external recover usb drive that won't format hard drive can't be recognized when plugged into other computers, then we have to consider the recover usb files using command prompt problem of the external hard drive itself. At this time, we use the following methods to try to recover usb flash drive after format solve

  Download the diskgenius software, plug in the external drive and open the software, and then select recover usb flash drive no medi a the external drive. Be careful not to select your hard disk. The external drive can generally be recover usb flash drive not recognized distinguished by capacity. Click the right mouse button on the text on the external drive and select recover usb flash drive on linux search for lost Partition reconstruction partition table option.

  After waiting for the rebuild to recover usb flash drive windows 10 succeed, choose to rebuild the master boot record as shown in the figure below to see if the external recover usb flash drive without formatting hard drive can be recognized.

  If it still doesn't work, then let's restore the data first, still recover usb memory stick partition timemachine use this diskgenius, select your external hard drive, and click Tools-Deleted or Formatted File recover usb memory stick windows 8.1 Recovery Options

  Then scan the entire partition

  After the scan is successful, export the data in recover usb without formatting wont work the external drive to the hard disk for backup, and then we will start to repair the external drive.

recover used space on hard drive   Second, repair Kingston external hard drive can't be recognized

  1. Try the external hard drive recover user files from hard drive repair tool. This mass production network has special Kingston external hard drive repair tools Kingston recover video files from hard drive Format Utility and Restore. We can use such third-party tools to forcibly format the external recover video from external hard drive hard drive to solve the problem that the external hard drive can't be recognized.

  The method of use recover video from hard drive free is very simple, plug in the external drive, open the repair tool, and then automatically identify recover video from portable hard drive your external drive, and finally click format and wait for a few seconds to repair successfully.

  2. recover video on ps3 hard drive If the above method is still not successful, then the most successful Kingston external hard drive recover videos from formatted hard drive repair method, mass production method, can be easily repaired even if the external hard drive is not recover videos from hard drive free recognized by the computer.

  The steps are: the external drive that still responds to the computer recover videos from usb drive free can be solved directly by the mass production tool. For the external drive that does not respond at recover virus infected files from usb all, you can first short-circuit the external drive and then mass-produce. The short-circuit tutorial recover wd external hard drive mac can refer to this tutorial

  First download ChipGenius to detect what the main control of the recover wifi password old hard drive external hard drive is. For example, it is Huirong's SM3268 main control. Then we can search for SM3268 recover windows 10 files hard drive on the external hard drive mass production network to find related mass production tools, and find recover windows 10 from bootable usb the Huirong mass production tutorial column. Just follow the corresponding tutorials, it is easy to recover windows 10 from esd usb repair successfully, of course, different external hard drive masters are also different, please pay recover windows 10 from hard drive attention to the difference between the masters and find the corresponding tutorials.

  The mass recover windows 10 from usb drive production method is the tool used by the manufacturer to repair the external hard drive, so it is the recover windows 10 key broken harddrive most reliable and the most successful repair tool. It is the fastest to repair the problem that the recover windows 10 password from usb Kingston external hard drive does not recognize. Of course, it is also a bit demanding for hands-on recover windows 10 password tool usb ability.

  The above method is not only suitable for Kingston's external drives, but any other external recover windows 10 using usb drive drives are available, and the actual measurement is effective. In the end, it can solve the problem recover windows 7 admin password usb that the external drive can't be recognized. Of course, if the external drive hardware is broken, recover windows 7 administrator password usb such as the USB drive interface is broken, If the crystal flash memory or main control of the recover windows 7 password usb free external hard drive is broken, it can only be repaired. This is not a problem that can be solved by recover windows 8 1 from usb software.