Flash drive can not open how to do? Teach you a few steps to fix!

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Although now the high-capacity flash drive, flash memory card is already a cabbage price, but regain those abandoned in the corner of the table flash drive, flash memory card, repair successfully made it into a USB boot disk or carry, to cope with a small file to copy what the daily emergencies, why not do it.

Nowadays, mobile storage devices are closely related to our electronic life, due to misplaced flash drive, copy data when the file system error, the quality of the cottage expansion disk, viruses, etc. and lead to flash drive can not read data or inaccessible, the properties of the display has become 0 bytes, always prompted to format, or the capacity has become smaller these problems, excluding hardware factors, in many cases we can use software tools to repair themselves.

Don't take Windows as a cadre

In the principle of step by step, sometimes the commands and procedures that come with Windows may also work wonders.

flash drive, flash memory card is not recognized, you can change the USB socket, check the BIOS settings to see if the USB interface is disabled, or device manager uninstall the USB mass storage device driver after re-identification.

Disk drive is hidden, you can reassign the assigned disk drive through Windows Disk Management. If not, check the registry for "NoDrives" under the [HKEY_CURRENT_USER/software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Ploicies/Explorer] branch. If so, delete it, then log out and log back in.

If the removable storage device cannot be formatted, you can try formatting it by running the format command under DOS. Make good use of the Windows error checking options under the Tools tab in the Removable Disk Properties dialog box to fix most file system errors as well. The author's friend's 40GB removable hard drive, although the normal storage read data, but every time you plug into the computer always prompted format, after using this method to repair no longer pop up that annoying dialog box.

A small trial flash drive repair tool with a multi-pronged approach

When Windows can't help you repair your removable storage device, the following software can come in handy. Although there are many different cases of flash drive (for all kinds of flash cards as well) not being able to be formatted, most of them have a solution as long as it is not a hard problem. You may want to try them one by one.

flash drive burn repair (PortFree Production Program): first insert the flash drive into the USB port, after entering the program, point options, then point low frame, then select the capacity, exit, point "run", and then wait patiently (Figure 1).

Universal flash drive repair tool (mformat): After running the program, it should show blue status-ready and write-ready. click on the C button in front of this line to start formatting (Figure 2).

Make boot disk tool (USBboot): If the previous two methods cannot identify or format the flash drive, use the make boot disk method to empty the partition table and rebuild it, which can also bring the flash drive back to life. Run the program to select the flash drive, format it with HDD, follow the prompts to unplug and then insert the USB drive, finally finish making the boot disk, and then format it under Windows (Figure 3).

Universal Low-Grid Tool (HA-LLFTOOL): This is a universal low-grid tool, which was mostly used for repairing flash drive after mass production failure, but it also supports low-level formatting of hard disk, mobile hard disk, memory card, flash drive and other storage devices. Select your flash drive's corresponding drive letter in the software and click Next, and choose to format the drive in the Low-level formatting tab. After the progress bar the low-level formatting is complete and finally the partitioning software such as DiskGenius is used to recreate the partition on the flash drive (Figure 4).

If the above software does nothing for our removable storage device, we can only ask the mass production tool to come out.

Those who often make USB-CDROM boot disk may not be unfamiliar with it, but for those who have not been exposed to it much, they may find the software operation complicated and the improper parameter setting may lead to damage of the flash drive. The default parameters of the mass production tool are enough for us.

The so-called mass production tool is a low-level software developed by the manufacturer for the operation of the main control chip of the flash drive, we can imagine it as a new system for the flash drive, different hardware corresponds to different systems, so we have to use ChipEasy chip worry-free software to check what the main control chip of the flash drive is, so as to download the corresponding mass production tool (Figure 5).

Insert the flash drive to open the software, you can see from the diagram, the chip manufacturer: Meike Micro chip model: MXT8208/MXT8209/MW8219.

According to this model number from the website to download and model number corresponding to the mass production tool (identification tools occasionally appear recognition error, resulting in mass production tools do not recognize the flash drive, try ChipGenius software to detect the chip model, if still can not detect, this time can only be disassembled flash drive, from the main control chip to query the chip model. (In addition, the different versions of the mass production tool, Windows operating system, may also cause the mass production tool does not recognize the flash drive).

Then open the production tool, everything using the software default settings can be, the production tool will automatically identify the flash drive capacity, most of the cottage expansion disk will be revealed at this time, the capacity does not match the nominal situation. If you are still not sure, you can use the flash drive expansion detection tool MyDiskTest to check the real capacity of the flash drive (this software is not available under Win 7 system, you can try the flash drive appraiser that comes with 360 Security Guard to see if it is expanded). After the capacity is set properly, click "Start All" and the software will automatically measure the range (the rest of the chip models are basically similar to the operation of the mass production software) (Figure 6).

After such a long time toss, I think most flash drive basically can be a new look, if there is still a failure to copy large files or flash drive display bytes to 0, may be the cottage expansion disk itself is too much jerry-building, repair software has taken it can not do.

The above mainly discusses the simple and practical repair methods, repair success is the main purpose, so for mobile storage devices stored in the data can not be recovered, if the flash drive has precious data, or ask professional data recovery company to help. In addition, if the flash drive, flash card internal hardware problems, although sometimes the computer can also be recognized, but the methods in this article can not help.

All the software mentioned in this article can be downloaded after searching in the website, all the software is available under XP and Win 7, some of the mass production tools may be misreported by some antivirus software.
Knowledge expansion.

The above-mentioned flash drive detection software ChipEasy Chipless detects the type of chip flash memory: SLC refers to the technology used by this flash driveFlash chip. There are also two common types of MLC and TLC.

SLC uses positive and negative charges, a floating gate to store 1 bit of information, fast life, super expensive (about MLC 3 times more expensive), about 100,000 times erase life.

MLC uses different potential charges, one floating gate stores 2 bits of information, the speed is average, the life is average, the price is average, about 10,000 times the erase life, occasionally there is a batch of flash drive of a major manufacturer or positioned in the high-end flash drive using this technology.

TLC uses different potential charges, a floating gate to store 3 bits of information, slow speed, short life, cheap, about 500-1000 times erase life, most flash drives on the market use this technology.

flash drive can not open how to do? Teach you a few steps to fix!