SK6221 or IS903 which master control external hard drive is faster[Win11 Solutions]

26 2021-08-22 11:30

  Everyone said that the performance of the small file of Qingtai SK6221 was second to that of the make use of win 10 recovery usb silver IS903 external hard drive, so two external hard drives were started, one was named 6221 and the make win 10 recovery usb in win7 other was 903. The 4K test of CDM also confirmed that 6221 is several times faster than 903.However, make windows 10 recovery disk not usb it was the mule that came out with a horse, and as a result, it was shocking.!(Note: This test make windows 10 recovery usb after crash result is only for my own two external hard drives, and does not rule out memory chip differences, make windows 10 recovery usb from iso manufacturing differences or test file reasons)

  CrystalDiskMark test data, mainly see the 4K part

  The make windows 10 recovery usb on mac left picture (or the picture above) is 6221, the right picture (or the picture below) is 903,

  6 make windows 7 recovery usb on mac 221 4k write 0.8, while the 4K of 903 is only 0.2

  Seeing the results of the above laboratory make windows 8 usb recovery usb bootable evaluation data, 6221 is proud, I am a rabbit, you 903 crawl slowly!

  903 is not convinced and wants 622 make windows 8.1 recovery usbfor another pc 1 to actually take a race off the track.6221 of course not in the eyes: sample, I will leave you a make windows recovery usb for any pc few blocks later!

  As a result, as soon as I got on the track, 6221 was dumbfounded. Damn, 903, you make windows recovery usb on a mac are doping, right?!

  903 silently looked at the 6221, which was farther and farther away, and said making a recovery usb for asus notebook lightly: Be honest.!So we tested it with more realistic software.

  FastCopy 880M 8319 files written making a recovery usb for windows 10 into external hard drive actual test:

  The picture on the left (or above) is 6221, which takes 3 making a recovery usb for windows 7 minutes and 41 seconds, and the picture on the right (or below) is 903, and the game is completed in making a windows 7 recovery disk usb only 2 minutes and 47 seconds.!

  Why is there such a big difference between the two software tests, malva style usb repair download for pc but when we actually use it, the speed is indeed closer to the result of FastCopy. After all, it is manual recovery of external hard drive files the test software. The results are definitely different. It may be that the speed measurement principle micro sd data recovery usb cord forum is different. From the above The comparison shows that the two main controllers actually have microsoft recover data from external hard drive their own advantages and disadvantages. In fact, the difference is not big. If you want to have small microsoft recovery usb drive different hard drive files, it is recommended to use an ssd external drive to meet your requirements. After all, the microsoft recovery usb drive new hard drive external drive has small files. The read and write speed is still a little worse!