How to partition a External external hard drive without a thirdparty tool[Win11 Solutions]

26 2021-08-22 11:20

  Double-click the "Control Panel"-"Administrative Tools" option in My Computer.

  Open "Administrative software to recover usb files free Tools"-"Computer Management" option.

  Click "Computer Management (Local)"-"Disk Management" software to recover wiped hard drive option.

  View the graph data on the right.Right click on the disk we want to partition.Click "New Disk software to retrieve files from usb Partition" (the capacity of the hard disk we just inserted)

  In the pop-up "New Disk Partition ", solid state drive hardware recovery tool click Next.

  Click "Primary Hard Disk Partition" and click "Next" option.

  Set a partition size.Click solid state hard drive data recovery the "Next" option.

  Then click the "Next" option according to the default.

  Still the default sony data recovery without usb debugging "Next" option.

  Click the "Finish" option.

  Get the partition as shown.

  Right click on the sony external hard disk recovery software "Unassigned" disk.Start to partition logically.

  Click "Extend Disk Partition"-"Next" option.

  Don't sony external hard drive recovery software change the data."Next" directly.

  Click the "Finish" option.

  Back to "Disk Management" option.Right sony recovery disk new hard drive click and select "New Logical Drive" option.

  Continue to "Next"

  After I divide the size.Click sony usb flash drive online recovery the "Next" option.

  Check "Perform Quick Format" here.Otherwise it is very slow.

  Click the "Finish" sony usb flash drive recovery tool option.

  Repeat the previous steps again.Complete other desired partitions.

  Finally get the sony vaio create recovery media usb number and capacity of the disk as shown in the figure.

  View my computer.Partition complete.

  About sony vaio hard drive data recovery the nominal capacity and actual capacity of the hard disk

  After buying a hard drive, a careful sony vaio hard drive failure recovery person will find that the capacity of the hard drive in the operating system does not match the official sony vaio laptop hard drive recovery nominal capacity, and it is less than the nominal capacity. The larger the capacity, the greater sony vaio not seeing recovery usb the difference.The nominal 40GB hard drive is only 38GB in the operating system; the 80GB hard drive sony vaio recovery external hard drive is only 75GB; and the 120GB hard drive is only 114GB.This is not because manufacturers or distributors sony vaio recovery new hard drive deceive consumers with shoddy products, but because the hard disk manufacturers' calculation methods sony vaio recovery usb windows 7 for capacity and operating systems are different, and because of different unit conversion sony vaio recovery usb windows 8 relationships.

  As we all know, binary is used in computers, so that the calculation of capacity in the sony vaio windows 10 recovery usb operating system is based on every 1024 as a unitary, every 1024 bytes is 1KB, every 1024KB is 1MB, sony vaio windows 7 recovery usb every 1024MB is 1GB, and every 1024GB is 1TB. ; And the hard disk manufacturer calculates the capacity sony vaio windows 8 recovery usb based on the unitary system of every 1000, every 1000 bytes is 1KB, every 1000KB is 1MB, every 10 sp usb flash drive recovery software 00MB is 1GB, and every 1000GB is 1TB. The difference between the two systems is caused. Hard disk ssd external hard drive data recovery capacity "shrinked".

  Take a 120GB hard drive as an example:

  Vendor capacity calculation method: 12 ssd hard drive data recovery software 0GB = 120,000MB = 120,000, 000KB = 120,000, 000, 000 bytes

  Converted into operating system calculation st louis hard drive data recovery method: 120,000,000,000 bytes/1024=117,187,500KB/1024=114,440.MB=114GB.

  The hard disk needs start surface with usb recovery drive to be partitioned and formatted. There are differences between operating systems. In addition to the starting computer with usb recovery disc behavior of copying files when the operating system is installed, the hard disk will take up more stellar hard drive recovery software reviews space. Therefore, the hard disk capacity and the nominal capacity displayed in the operating system stellar phoenix external hard drive recovery will be different. There is a difference, and it should be normal that the difference between the two stellar phoenix hard drive recovery software types of hard disk capacity is about 5%-10%.