How to install Win11 on external hard drive using image file[Win11 Solutions]

19 2021-08-22 11:10

  First download a Win7 image file (recommended to download the flagship version, there are many external hard drive recovery software mac download places on the Internet): (There are 32-bit and 64-bit, and 64-bit systems require 64-bit CPU external hard drive recovery software pc support)

  Then make a external hard drive boot disk (here, take U master as an example):

  After the external hard drive recovery software reddit production is completed, use WinRAR software to open the Win7 image you just downloaded, open the external hard drive recovery software review sources folder inside, and install.Unzip wim to the external hard drive

  Start the computer from the external hard drive recovery tool download external hard drive (see the tutorial), run winpe.After entering WinPE, there will be a "Windows external hard drive recovery tool free Universal Installer" on the desktop, open this software, and then select "Windows Vista/2008/2008R2/7" external hard drive recovery tool mac .

  Click the "Browse" button to open the file just extracted from the Win7 mirror, and then select external hard drive recovery tools free the version you want to install in the "Please select the image name" column.(If you download the external hard drive recovery windows 10 Ultimate Edition, there are five options: Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium, Home Basic, and Simple external hard drive recovery windows 7 Edition, which are adapted to computers with different configurations)

  Select the partition for external hard drive reformat recovery mac system installation (usually C drive) and boot partition (usually C drive), if the selected hard disk external hard drive repair and recovery is already installed with the system, a formatting window will pop up.Format the disk before external hard drive repair recover dat a installing.Sometimes, it will pop up a prompt that it can't be formatted, then you can use the partition external hard drive unallocated recover dat a tool on the desktop to format.

  After setting the partition and boot partition for system installation, external hard drive video recovery software click "Next".There are many things that need to be set later, but these generally use the default external hard drive with data recovery settings, so I won't introduce them in detail here.

  After the system is installed, a dialog box external hard driver safe recovery software will pop up asking the user to restart.At this time, restart the computer (no need to boot from the external hdd data recovery software free external hard drive), and the installation will continue.After the installation is complete, it will external hdd recovery for broken drives restart again (this time automatically), and a dialog box will appear after the restart, asking the external hdd recovery software for mac user to set.After the setting is complete, you can enter the desktop and start using it. external external hdd recovery software free download hard drive Home

  Use the image file to install Win7 on the external hard drive: