Genuine car navigation card SD card release write protection tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

53 2021-08-22 10:40

  The sd card in the original navigation of some cars is write-protected in order to prevent you from can i use data recovery software from a usb upgrading the navigation online for free, so if you want to upgrade the navigation, you have to pay can i use recovery disk on new hard drive for the upgrade, but now this problem can be solved, click below Just do it the way.

  SD card has can information be recovered from a formatted hard drive two communication modes: SD and SPI. For Ford's original write-protected navigation card, you can can one recover files removed from a hard drive use the spi mode of the SD card to repair. It is estimated that most people do not know that the memory can pictures be recovered from a broken hard drive card has this mode. This mode is generally It is used to communicate with a single-chip microcomputer. can pictures be recovered from a corrupted usb drive You don't need to know the principle. You can just do it.

  First of all, you have to have a can pictures be recovered from a crashed hard drive card reader, but this card reader has to support spi mode. We can't know what readers support, so you can pictures be recovered from a formatted hard drive can prepare a few more card readers of different brands and models, whether it supports spi and card can things on broken external hard drive be recovered readers. The price of the device is irrelevant.

  First, back up the data in the navigation card, can u recover emails from a formatted hard drive especially the KEY file

  Find a small piece of transparent glue, and stick pin 1 as shown in the can u recover files from a formatted hard drive figure below. The purpose is to make it power off and turn the write-protect switch to the read-write can usb recovery keys be created for windows xp state.

  Pay attention to the direction, don't stick it wrong.

  Then directly insert the card into can we recover data from crashed external hard disk the prepared card reader, and insert the card reader into the usb port of the computer.

  The key is can we recover deleted data from external hard disk here. If you don't stick this pin, your sd card will be recognized directly on the computer. We can can windows 10 usb be used to recover windows open the corresponding memory card drive letter, but you can't write to the file, it's write-protected, can you buy a recovery usb for dell alien and if you read the card The device supports spi mode, and if we block the power on this pin, can you create recovery drive on another hard drive your computer will prompt that the memory card is not formatted and requires formatting, so you will can you do data recovery from iphone hard drive know if it is not successful.

  At this time, we do not use the formatting function of the computer, can you install a windows 7 recovery from usb but use the usboot software to format:

  It will take some time for everyone to wait for the formatting. can you install windows 10 using a recovery usb After waiting for success, it will be OK, so that it is completely repaired.

  After the can you install windows 10 with a recovery usb formatting is complete, we will tear off the transparent glue that we glued before, and then just use it can you install windows recovery on usb from mac normally as before.

  So the tutorial does not limit the brand of SD card, nor the brand of navigation, can you reach windows 10 recovery with usb keyboard nor the brand of car. As long as the manufacturer has set write protection, this method can be can you recover a hard drive hit by lightning used to solve the problem. Also note that the card reader is not necessarily Both support spi mode, can you recover data deleted from a usb stick so if yours can't be formatted, then just find a few more card readers to try.