[Fixed] files copied to the external hard drive are always damaged [Win11 Solutions]

25 2021-08-22 10:30

  I have a external drive, which is very cheap to buy. Recently, the files copied to the external lazesoft recovery suite damaged hard drive drive are always damaged. Then, the external drive is repaired with a production tool. The data is found lazesoft recovery suite usb boot download to be a black disk. After mass production, it reappears after using it for a period of time. The least expensive hard drive recovery software problem of file damage, and then mass production is useless, and it is invalid to change the speed lenovo 2 in 1 recovery usb of the black film mass production tool; what should I do.

  The first case: external hard drive is not lenovo 450s cant recover from usb an expansion disk

  You only need to separate the first 1G into a zone and hide it. The remaining lenovo create recovery media usb drive capacity should be more stable. So I use diskgenius to separate the first 1G of the external hard lenovo create recovery usb windows 10 drive and hide it. Then I will witness the miracle and everything is fine. , It seems that the biggest lenovo create recovery usb windows 7 problem of the external drive is that there are too many bad blocks in the previous section, so if lenovo create recovery usb windows 8 you also encounter the files that are often copied into the external drive, it means that there are lenovo data recovery without usb debugging more bad blocks in the front sector of the external drive, so you might as well try The above method lenovo external hard disk data recovery can increase the service time of your external hard drive.

  The second case: external hard drive lenovo factory recovery usb key download is an expansion disk

  Whether it is an expansion disk, you can use external drive Tester or mydisktest lenovo h515 desktop recovery usb download to test;

  For example, a external hard drive that has been expanded to 8G, but no mass production lenovo ideapad 100s 14ibr recovery usb tool is found. The actual available capacity directly measured with mydisktest is 6.2G, I directly lenovo ideapad 100s bitlocker recovery usb use the partition tool to divide into two areas, the first is 6G, and the rest is the second area, lenovo ideapad 320 usb recovery disk and then delete the second area, that is, the second area is free, and it is just as good.

  It is lenovo ideapad recovery usb not working recommended that everyone use the expansion software to test before partitioning to see where the fault lenovo laptop data recovery hard drive is located and then partition. The first case given above is the partition with the problem in the lenovo laptop windows 10 recovery usb front, and the second case, the expansion partition is at the back, so a Hide the front partition, lenovo onekey recovery external hard drive one hides the back.