How to fix I meet the external hard drive to expand the capacity mydisktest help you[Win11 Solutions]

18 2021-08-22 10:10

  Expanding the capacity of the external drive means to expand the capacity of the external drive. data recovery software from usb free download Some criminals use improper methods to expand the capacity of the external drive, thereby increasing data recovery software hard drive not detected the market price.The appearance and use of the expanded external drive is not very different from the data recovery software mac external hard drive ordinary external drive, but its lifespan will be shorter, but it will take a long time to discover data recovery software mac failed hard drive this problem, and the problem of the external drive is possible Will cause data loss, so you need data recovery software memory cards usb drives to be more cautious when buying a external drive, so how do we judge whether the external drive is data recovery software on external hard drive an expanded external drive.Today, I will teach you to use the MyDiskTest tool to detect whether the data recovery software toshiba external hard disk external hard drive is expanded. external hard drive Home

  1. Search and download the mydisktest tool data recovery software usb drive free download on the Internet, then insert the external drive to be tested into the USB port of the computer (if data recovery software wd external hard drive it is a desktop computer, it is recommended to insert the external drive into the USB port on the data recovery that finds unrecognized hard drive back of the host), and open "My Computer". See the external drive recognized by the system.As shown data recovery tool for a hard drive below:

  2. Open the pre-downloaded mydisktest tool, the software will automatically recognize the data recovery tool for usb flash drive external drive we inserted into the computer, select "Quick Expansion Test" below and click the "Start data recovery tools for damaged hard drive Test" button.As shown below:

  3. The test process takes a few minutes. In order to ensure the smooth data recovery tools for dead hard drive progress of the test process, it is recommended that you do not perform any operations on the data recovery tools for usb flash drive computer and wait patiently for the test to be completed.As shown below:

  4. When the test is completed, data recovery usb flash drive not recognized the pop-up window will display the relevant information about whether the external drive is an data recovery wd caviar internal hard drive expanded external drive. As shown in the figure below, you can see the regular external drive used by data recovery windows 10 exteral hard drive the editor instead of the so-called expansion u plate.If we use the expanded external drive for ddrescue recover to external drive without erasing testing, the actual capacity of the external drive will be displayed. USB home

  The method of using dead exnteranl hard drive recovery software free mydisktest tool to detect whether the external drive is an expansion external drive is introduced here. dead external hard drive data recovery software If your external drive is an expansion external drive, please use it with caution to avoid losing dead hard drive data recovery software free important data.Here, the editor recommends that you purchase the external drive through formal channels, dead hard drive how to recover dat a so as not to lose too much due to small mistakes.

  What should I do if I meet the external drive decompression recovery image onto a usb drive to expand the capacity.mydisktest: