Maike Micro MW8269 chip master control external hard drive mass production success tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

53 2021-08-22 10:00

  My external hard drive is the new Kingston DTSE9 32GB, and the main control is MW8269. Obviously windows 7 recovery disk usb iso it is a copycat. Genuine Kingston will not use this main control. The main control is detected by the windows 7 recovery disk usb legal chip without worry.

  Before, I found a lot of mass production tools of this model in Baidu, but windows 7 recovery disk usb size none of them can be produced. Some can be identified but there is no serial number. There is no response windows 7 recovery disk usb stick to mass production, and some do not respond. I don't know if you have any. In such cases?

  Did windows 7 recovery disk usb tool you guys see it? I didn't have any response when I ordered mass production. I have a 32g external windows 7 recovery disk using usb drive. This mass production tool is good enough to recognize it. I don't want to think about anything windows 7 recovery disk with usb else. Is this external drive bad? There is a chip model in the picture.

  Later, I finally found the windows 7 recovery download to usb latest version of Maike Micro Production Tools UTools V10.7(0425) Successfully repaired my external windows 7 recovery dvd to usb hard drive.

  The following is a rough flow chart:

  I downloaded 10 first.The 4 version has not found windows 7 recovery file via usb the latest version before, and it can be seen from the picture that there is an error, and the windows 7 recovery image download usb flash memory data of my external hard drive can't be found.

  Description: Main mass production windows 7 recovery image on usb interface

  The capacity detected by the mass production tool does not match.

  Obviously the version of windows 7 recovery iso usb download the production tool is wrong.

  A master told me: remove the manual model selection option.

  Then windows 7 recovery on usb drive downloaded the latest 10.The mass production tool of version 7 followed the other settings above and windows 7 recovery tool usb download mass production was successful. Below is the mass production diagram:

  The mass production of this windows 7 recovery usb boot disk master control is very slow, and it's not bad if it has not encountered expansion.

  It's very slow. windows 7 recovery usb command prompt It's been a long time, only 16%. What should I do? When will I have to wait?

  The external drive has windows 7 recovery usb download free finally been mass-produced, directly above the picture:

  Mass production of this external hard windows 7 recovery usb download iso drive is just one word: wait.