[Fixed] folder is hidden by virus after external hard drive is poisoned [Win11 Solutions]

33 2021-08-22 09:20

  Now the external hard drive virus is rampant, why.Because external hard drives are becoming popular mac file recovery external hard drive too fast nowadays, viruses have also been developed by people with bad intentions.One after another, mac formatted hard drive data recovery it's hard to guard against!

  As our main mobile storage device for copying and storing files, mac hard drive crashed data recovery external drives often store important files, but what should we do when the poisoned folder of the mac hard drive crashed recover dat a external drive is hidden? Although formatting can clear the virus, our files are also Will be lost. mac hard drive data recovery london Today, the editor will introduce a way to solve the problem that the folder is hidden by the virus.

   mac hard drive data recovery service Before the operation, we must ensure that the computer used is not poisoned, and then click "Start" mac hard drive data recovery sydney and select "Run" in the pop-up menu, as shown in the following figure:

  In the running window, we mac hard drive failure data recovery enter the "notepad" command and click the "OK" button to create a new notepad, as shown in the figure mac hard drive photo recovery 2018 below:

  Then in the pop-up notepad, copy the following code into it, the code is as follows (must mac hard drive recover deleted files follow the format below):


  pause>nul Home of mac hard drive recovery best buy USB

  After the code is copied in, click "File" in the upper left corner, and then click "Save As", as mac hard drive recovery external drill shown below:

  We save the notepad on the desktop and change the file name to "Virus hidden folder. mac hard drive recovery los angeles cmd", change the save type to "all files (*.*)", and finally click the "Save" button, as shown in the mac hard drive recovery near me figure below:

  Then put the "Virus Hidden Folder" on the desktop.Copy the "cmd" file to the mac hard drive recovery on pc external drive, and double-click it, as shown in the figure below:

  After opening the cmd file, the mac hard drive recovery software review program will execute the attrib command operation on the external drive, as shown in the figure below:

mac hard drive recovery software windows   After the operation is completed, return to the external drive again, and we will find that all the mac hard drive recovery tools free hidden folders in the external drive are back. So far, the method of the editor has been introduced. mac hfs hard drive data recover Finally, I hope to help everyone.

  What to do if the folder is hidden by the virus after external mac internet recovery empty hard drive hard drive is poisoned?: