Quickly repair bad blocks of external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

32 2021-08-22 08:50

  Quickly repair bad blocks of external hard drive

  Recently, some netizens reported that their need windows 8.1 recovery disk download to usb external drive is faulty, and the specific reason is that the external drive has bad blocks.What to do? netgear nv+ hardware failure recover data from drives Since the bad blocks of the external hard drive can't be repaired, the only way is to shield the new hard drive for hp without recovery cs damaged bad blocks, which can be done by using some disk operation software.

  Download DiskGenius (click new hard drive pc add windows with recovery on the link to download) for detection and repair, the steps are as follows.The straight interface new hard drive pc add windows woth recovery after opening the program, the home of USB

  Note that you must make sure that the external hard new harddrive how to move windos recovery partition drive has been recognized in my computer.If the drive letter of the external hard drive is not displayed no cost hard drive recovery software full version in the system, it is another case. USB home

  When the external drive is recognized, the drive no option to bot from windows recovery usb letter of the external drive is selected as shown below  

  Right-click the letter of the external no recovery on catalina locked external disk boot drive and select "Bad Track Detection and Repair"  

  The following interface appears, you can still no usb or sd card found chromebook recovery choose a different drive letter.In the lower left corner, there are "Start Detection" and "Try to non destructive damaged hard drive data recovery software Repair" external hard drive Home

  The picture below is the detection process

  A report will appear not able recover windows 10 using usb drive after the test. My test has seen that there are no bad sectors. If there are bad sectors, please not reading my toshiba satellite c875d usb recovery select "Try to repair" again.

  This software can not only recover deleted files, but also recover files nuvision tm116w725l recovery bootloop usb flash drive creation from accidentally formatted partitions.   USB home

  After selecting the option in the above menu, nvidia usb boot recovery driver for mobile devices the following interface will appear

  Choose what you need to recover the files. If you have not o recover lost space on macbook hard drive done any other read and write operations on the hard disk partition after the accidental operation, old lg phone b460 photo recovery with usb you can basically recover the data 100%.

  At this point, we have successfully solved the problem of old windows hard drive only shows recovery mode bad blocks in the external hard drive.Finally, the editor reminds everyone that you can use DiskGenius ontrack data recovery desktop external sata drive enclosure this disk operating software to detect and deal with external hard drive and hard disk faults. open source windows file recovery from live usb It is not difficult to get started.

  Quickly repair the bad block of the external hard drive: