[Fixed] router URL cant be opened[Win11 Solutions]

58 2021-08-22 08:40

  Everyone knows that if you want to modify the router settings, you need to enter the router URL in psp recovery menu usb charge battery the browser, and then enter the account and password to manage the router. The general router's wifi put a recovery drive on usb settings, the router's security settings and the status of the router itself can all be I can see put a recovery key on usb it on the router management interface, but many people will encounter the situation that the router put recovery disk on usb mac URL can't be opened. What is going on.How to solve it, the following mass production network will qualcomm hs usb qdloader 9008 recovery teach you.

  Reason 1: The router default URL is entered incorrectly

  Many people think that the router raid 0 hard drive data recovery URL is 192 by default.168.1.1. But in fact, many routers now do not have this URL. Different brands raid 1 hard drive failure recovery and models may use different router URLs. So we first need to confirm what your router default URL raid 1 hard drive recovery software is. We can look at the default router written on the nameplate on the back of the router. What is raid 5 hard drive failure recovery the address, as shown in the figure below, some new router URLs are tplogin.cn is a domain name, not raid hard drive data recovery software an ip address, so after we make sure that the URL is correct, if the same problem still occurs, raidiator 4 1 usb recovery tool continue to see below.

  Reason two, the router URL has been modified

  After confirming that the default raidiator 4 2 usb recovery tool URL of the router is correct, we also need to check whether the default URL of the router has been rapids bar hard drive recovery equipment modified. The detection method is:

  1. Regardless of whether the computer is wired or wirelessly raspberry pi hard drive data recovery connected, make sure that the connection is successful.

  Click the wifi icon in the lower right raw data recovery external hard drive corner of the desktop, then click the name of the connected wifi, click the right mouse button, and then raw file system hard drive recovery click status.

  2. Then click the detailed information button, as shown below.

  3. Then you will raw hard drive data recovery software see the following window, pay attention to the ip address of the IPv4 default gateway, this address raw hard drive recovery without formatting is the real address of the router.

  4. You can see that the address displayed here is, raw usb drive in mac recovery so it can explain why Can't open, because the default ip has been modified, you need to rca cambio 10 recovery usb boot enter URL can enter the router settings.

  Reason three, the router does not automatically readynas duo v1 usb boot recovery assign IP

  If the default address is determined according to the above method, but still can't readynas os 6 usb recovery tool be opened, it may be that the ip of the computer is fixed, that is, the correct ip is not automatically readynas usb flash recovery 4.1.8.img download assigned, so I check if it is assigned by default.

  1. Click the wifi icon in the lower right reboot into recovery usb surface 2017 corner of the desktop, then click the connected wifi name with the right mouse button, and then reboot windows 7 recovery from usb click status.

  2. Then click the property button in the position as shown below.

  3. Then double-click rebooting from a recovery usb drive Internet Protocol Version 4 IPv4, as shown below.

  4. Then the following window will appear, make recover 4k video file hard drive sure that the ip address is automatically obtained, and that the automatic dns address is recover a crashed external hard drive selected.

  Reason 4: The network cable is connected incorrectly or there is a problem with the network recover a dead external hard drive cable

  If you are sure that the ip address is automatically obtained or the problem is not solved, then recover a file from my usb see if there is a problem with the network cable, such as a wired computer, which port the wired recover a folder from usb drive network cable is plugged into on the router is particular, so if you plug it in the wrong way, also It recover a formatted external hard drive will cause the router URL to not open, check the connection as shown in the figure below.

  Make recover a hard drive formatted dat a sure that the network cable of your computer is plugged into the LAN port of the router. Don't plug it recover a hard drive thats clicking into the WAN port. If it is plugged in correctly, use a mobile phone or laptop to connect to the recover a hard drive that's clicking wireless wifi of the router, and then enter the router address in the mobile browser. Whether it can recover a hard drive with linux be accessed, so as to rule out whether there is a problem with the wired network cable of your desktop recover a hard drive without formatting computer, or directly replace the wired network cable to troubleshoot the problem.

  Reason 5, the recover a lost passport hard drive router itself

  Sometimes, because the router has been set by someone, only devices that can only recover accidentally formatted apple hard drive be whitelisted by a few mac addresses can enter the router setting interface, and other computers or recover active directory from hard drive mobile phones can't access it, that is, they are restricted to log in to the router, such as the recover admin password windows 7 usb setting shown in the figure below.

  As you can see, it is set to allow only the mac address in the table recover all files from hard drive below to access the router setting interface, and your computer is not this mac address, causing recover an corrupt xbox 360 hardrive the router URL to not open. The solution is to restore the router factory settings.

  Of course, it recover android fies with usb debugging is also possible that the router URL can't be opened due to other conditions of the router. In short, recover android files with usb debugging if the other methods are used up, the router still can't be solved. You can directly reset the recover apple macbook air hard drive router. The reset method is:

  There is a hole in the position as shown in the figure below. When the recover avi files from hard drive router is plugged in, we use a toothpick to insert it and hold it for 10 seconds to reset the router. recover bios from external hard drive

  After resetting, we can press the default URL to enter the router setting interface, and then recover bitcoin wallet from hard drive completely reset the router, which completely solves the situation that the router URL can't be opened. recover bitlocker encrypted unformatted hard drive

  Through the above five methods, it is definitely possible to solve the problem that the router URL recover bitlocker key from hard drive can't be opened. When you try, you can solve it one by one from the beginning of the method, which recover bookmarks from old hard drive is relatively easy to solve.