The latest detailed tutorial to fix a broken laptop hard drive

32 2021-07-27 22:39

Why here to emphasize is the laptop hard drive it, because the laptop hard drive than the desktop computer hard drive is more likely to break down or bad channel, the main reason is of course the laptop easy to move, in addition to accidentally being dropped resulting in bad hard drive, some friends are more like not shut down but standby, and then randomly bring the laptop to take, especially in the company to work using a public computer people, do not know how to care for the computer, or even a little not care, the laptop hard drive bad more!

  So what should I do when I encounter a bad laptop hard drive? Is the only way out is to replace the laptop hard drive, the answer is of course no, the following details to fix the laptop hard drive bad solutions:.

  Method one, the simplest way to repair.

  First of all, start with the simplest method. With the help of Windows disk scan tool, select the disk letter in Explorer and click the right mouse button, select "Properties" command in the pop-up menu.

  In the pop-up "Properties" dialog box switch to the "Tools" tab: and then click the "Check" in the "Start Checking" button.

  Then check the two checkboxes inside and click the "Start" button.

  Since it is a system partition, a prompt will pop up to visit whether to reboot the self-test, it is recommended to reboot the computer.

  After the reboot before entering windows will scan and repair, scanning time will vary depending on the disk capacity and scanning options, generally this is more time consuming, go make a cup of tea and read a book, generally about an hour should be OK, this method can not only repair the hard disk can also keep the data in the hard disk unchanged, is the more recommended method, of course, it is not foolproof.

  Method two, with the command and with the help of partition software repair.

  The phenomenon of a bad hard drive is often easy to blue screen when booting or running, but still able to enter the system. This problem is generally easier to repair, mainly because the system partition is out of order. We open the DOS command prompt window, enter the command "chkdsk c: /f /r /x" to force the repair.

  Since this is a system partition repair, you need to reboot your computer to fix it.

  The above method comes with the system, if the repair is not successful, you can try a third-party hard drive repair tool. Here we recommend you to try DiskGenius first. To avoid misjudgment, it is recommended to execute "Check Partition Table Error" in the "Tools" menu first.

  If there is no repair, then implement the "Hard Disk" menu "Bad Channel Detection and Repair" function.

  If there is a problem with the hard drive during the boot process, it is not necessary to detect and repair all of them here, otherwise it will take a long time. After setting it up, you can "start detecting" and "try to repair".

  The more serious problems, you can use more specialized tools to detect the next, if you can repair the best:.

  Method three, serious problems low frame repair

  The more common notebook hard disk bad may be in the case of unshutdown to take to cause damage to the disk head information. If it is 0 information is damaged, then the low frame can be. For example, we download the DM software for low-grid.

  The default situation after starting DM is not low frame, you need to open the advanced menu to perform low frame. That is, in the main interface of DM, press "Alt + M" to switch to the advanced menu, select the menu "(M)maintenance Options" command to enter the advanced menu.

  Then select the "(U)tilities" item to enter the low-level formatting interface.

  The DM will then display a list of found drives, select the drive you want to work on and press enter. This step is extremely important, do not choose the wrong one. If you have only one hard drive, just enter.

  After selecting the drive, then select "Low Level Format" to perform a low-level format.

  At this point a warning window will pop up, press "Alt + C" to confirm and continue.

  After confirming, a window will pop up asking you to confirm again, select "YES".

  After confirming, the low-level formatting of the drive will begin, and a detailed percentage progress will be displayed.

  The low-format operation takes a long time, so it is recommended to do it before going to bed, and let it perform automatically when you go to bed.

  Method three, other software repair tutorials.

  Use the relatively cold Norton Disk Doctor PartitionMagic partition software to solve


  1, the system does not recognize the hard disk: this type of failure is the most common, the boot self-test completed when prompted by the following error message: HDD controller failure Press F1 to Resume;

  2, the above English text means "hard disk can not start", when the above information, you should focus on checking the power cable, data cable interface with the hard disk is not damaged, loose, poor contact, reverse connection and other phenomena, in addition to the common cause is the master and slave jumper on the hard disk is set incorrectly.

  3, CMOS error caused by the failure: boot up the following information: Drive not ready error Insert Boot Diskette in A; Press any key when ready...

  4, the above error is mostly caused by CMOS setting errors or loss of CMOS information due to insufficient CMOS power supply. the correct CMOS settings directly affect the normal use of the hard disk. When the hard disk type is wrong, often occur read and write errors, and sometimes simply can not start the system. For example, if the hard disk type in CMOS is smaller than the actual hard disk capacity, the sectors behind the hard disk will not be able to read and write. You need to reset or discharge the data in the CMOS reset.

  5, the specific operation: turn on the computer or restart the computer, the screen shows "Waiting ......", press the "Del" key can enter the CMOS The setup interface. Note that if you press it too late, the computer will boot up and you will have to restart the computer. Once inside, you can use the arrow keys to move the cursor to select the options on the CMOS setup screen and then press Enter to enter the sub-menu. Restore the BIO to factory settings.

  Logical bad channel repair

  1, for the logical bad channel, Windows comes with the "Disk Scanner (Scandisk)" is the easiest and most commonly used means to solve. If the hard drive has a bad channel, we can run the "Disk Scanner" in the Windows system environment, which will do a complete scan of the hard disk surface, and the possible bad clusters to do automatic correction.

  2, using the Windows disk scan tool, open "My Computer", select the disk that needs to be repaired, and then click the right mouse button and select the "Properties" command.

  3. In the "Properties" dialog box, select the "Tools" tab: then select the "Start Checking" button in "Error Checking". "button. Follow the prompts for the next step.

  4、After completing the process, you will be prompted to restart the computer, and it is best to choose to restart the computer at this time.

  5, in addition to Scandisk, there are many excellent third-party repair tools, such as Norton Disk Doctor NDD (Norton Disk Doctor) and PCTOOLS is also a good helper to repair hard disk logic bad channel. You can search and install it directly from Baidu and follow the prompts, after a series of diagnostics on "partition table", "boot record", "file structure" and "directory structure". After a series of diagnostics on "partition table", "boot record", "file structure" and "directory structure" and "surface test", it will automatically give you a diagnostic statistics report and you can choose to repair it yourself.

  Physical Bad Sector Repair

  If the hard drive has physical bad sectors, through the Scandisk and NDD introduced earlier we can estimate the general location of the bad sectors, and then use Fdisk partitioning for these bad sectors separately logical partitions, all partitioning steps are completed and then the logical partition containing the bad sectors deleted After all the partitioning steps are completed, the logical partition containing the bad channel will be deleted, and the remaining one will be a good disk without bad channel.

  2, PartitionMagic partitioning software, first select the hard disk partition, with the "Operation" menu "Check Error" command to scan the disk, figure out the location of bad clusters on the hard disk, and then in the "Operation "menu, select "Advanced/Bad Sector Retest"; after dividing the hard disk where the bad clusters are located into multiple zones, then use the "Operation" menu to select "Advanced/Hidden Partition " to hide the partition where the bad clusters are located.

  Summary: If the above steps are still not repairable, but the hard drive has important data, it is recommended to go to a professional repair store for repair.

  In addition, many laptop hard drive is broken, simply can not be used to install the system, then do not be discouraged, because the laptop hard drive is very small, so you can buy a removable hard drive case, used as a removable hard drive can certainly be used.