How to cancel the system update prompt or disable the update for Xiaomi Redmi[Win11 Solutions]

24 2021-08-22 08:00

  I recently bought a Redmi Note3 full Netcom. Everyone knows that MIUI's mobile phones often prompt best external hard disk recovery software free download to upgrade. Sometimes it's better than before when you're lucky. It's particularly troublesome to best external hard drive data recovery software mac use a wire brush. Here I will teach you how to prevent Xiaomi from prompting the system to upgrade, best file recovery formatted hard drive tom's hardware so that it won't bother you when you don't want to upgrade.

  The method here does not require root, best file recovery software for external hard drive because now Xiaomi is not allowed to root casually, it is also to prevent loss, I think it is very best free bootable usb recovery for windows 7 good.Here is the picture and text for everyone to set up:

  1. Open the system settings-find the best free data recovery software corrupted hard drive notification and status bar (as shown below)

  2. Open the notification and status bar settings-find best free hard drive recovery software for mac notification management (as shown below)

  3. Open the notification management-find the system update ( best free hard drive recovery software windows 7 as shown below)

  4. Then you can see the notification bar settings of various applications, find the best free recovery data from bad hard drive system update, and turn off the notification bar notification to be OK!

  Of course, you have to best free recovery software for external hard drive turn off the automatic update (smart update) first, and then combined with no update prompt, it is best free recovery software for formatted hard drive basically equivalent to disabling the system update.

  Turn off smart update settings as follows:

  Find best free software for recovering hard drive dat a the system tools folder on the desktop and open it and enter the following picture-find the system best free tools for recovering hard drive dat a update (external hard drive mass production network original)

  After clicking the system update, best hard drive data recovery app for mac find the circle pattern in the upper right corner and click on it as shown below:

  The interface best hard drive recovery software for windows 8 that appears after clicking is as shown in the figure below, click the automatic check setting:

  Then best laptop hard drive data recovery usb adapter the interface that appears as shown in the figure below, close the smart update:

  This is all done. best linux os usb password recovery for windows Don't let the system update disturb you without rooting or flashing the machine. Of course, if you best program to recover data from hard drive think the current system is not easy to use, you can manually click on the update yourself. If you best program to recover deleted files from usb think the system is still working, don't bother you. , It's a good choice to always use this system best program to recover files from hard drive version.