Phicomm K2T rescue bricks or backup recovery open telnetssh backup tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

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  Many friends may know how to update the firmware of the Phicomm K2T router, but when the update how to recover photos from external hard drive mac fails, the entire router becomes bricked. How can I save it.The following will teach you how to do ssh how to recover photos from formatted external hard drive backup and recovery.

  First prepare the software and hardware:

  Save brick firmware download

  tftp how to recover pics on a bad hard drive tool download

  Buy (5V, 3.3V) One TTL adapter cable with selectable voltage

  1. K2T disassembles how to recover pictures from a bad hard drive the TTL to save the brick

  1. Disassemble the machine, first tear off the label on the bottom of how to recover pictures from a dead hard drive the router and remove the 2 screws:

  2. Pay attention to the direction, start to dismantle from the how to recover pictures from a failed hard drive place shown in the figure, only one side can be dismantled, and the other side can't be dismantled: how to recover pictures from a malfunctioned hard drive

  The appearance after disassembly

  3. Find the TTL position and solder the pins:

  4. Buy a TTL how to recover pictures from a melfuction hard drive cable. The computer connects to the TTL through a USB serial cable. It is recommended to buy an optional how to recover pictures from a wiped hard drive voltage (5V, 3.3V) and select to 3.3V:

  5. After connecting, use putty software or super terminal how to recover pictures from an old hard drive to connect to the serial port, the baud rate is

  6. Reset K2T, press Enter several times during how to recover program folder on second hard drive startup to enter the startup mode

  7. If the serial port prints garbled characters and can't enter how to recover program folder on secondary hard drive the boot mode, it should be caused by some USB to TTL chip (such as CH340) baud rate error, please how to recover programs from a crashed hard drive change the baud rate to or try other baud rates

  It is recommended to use FT232R USB to TTL chip

   how to recover programs from an old hard drive 8. Start the computer and set the IP to Connect the computer to the K2T LAN port

  Open how to recover ps4 data from a hard drive the tftp service program software downloaded above on the computer, unzip the K2T "TTL Save Brick how to recover pst file from formatted hard drive Firmware" downloaded above and put it into the tftp directory

  9. Use the following command to flash how to recover quickbooks data from formatted hard drive the official firmware:

  tftp 0x k2t_v10d_tftp.bin

  10. Enter reset to restart, it will become the how to recover raw files from usb for free official version, with ssh and telnet

  At this point, I have successfully saved the bricks. Let how to recover recently deleted audio files seagate external me teach you how to back it up to prevent it from becoming bricks in the future.

  Second, the backup how to recover reformat an external hd with diskpart operation

  1. K2T firmware partition map:

  The rootfs_data partition is automatically adjusted, how to recover safari bookmarks from crashed hard drive the starting address of different firmware is different, but the size is fixed at 2M Byte

  2. Backup how to recover saved information from a hard drive operation:

  First you need to flash the official firmware and open ssh.

  Log in to ssh (user name how to recover seagate external hard drive free software root, password admin), enter the following command to back up the partition:

  Note that after backing how to recover seagate external hard drive without formatting up partitions 0, 1, 2, and 6 with the command, use the downloaded winscp to enter the /tmp how to recover shortcut files from usb using cmd directory, transfer the backups of these partitions to the computer, and then delete the backups, and then how to recover space from deleted files on usb perform the backup of the 7 partitions, otherwise there will be The memory may be insufficient and how to recover sticky in a transferred hard drive cause the machine to crash. After the 7 partition is transferred to the computer with winscp, delete how to recover stuff after you formatting hard drive the backup of the tmp directory

  3. Check the partition table and find that there is another mtd8 how to recover system image from external hard drive , and look at the serial port print information, it seems that there is another flash chip?You can how to recover the hardrive from a computer tower also make a backup before you understand it:

  The first FLASH (16M):

  [0.] m25p80 spi0.0: found gd2 how to recover the windows usb installation drive space 5q128, expected m25p80

  [0.] m25p80 spi0.0: gd25q128 ( Kbytes)

  The second FLASH (64K):

  [0.] m25 how to recover thunder bolt external hard drive dat ap80 spi0.1: found pm25lv512, expected m25p80

  [0.] m25p80 spi0.1: pm25lv512 (64 Kbytes)

  Three, how to recover thunderbird emails after hard drive crash recovery operation

  1. Upload the partition to be restored to the tmp directory with winscp, such as how to recover unallocated partition in external hard drive restoring the 7th partition:

  mtd -r write /tmp/mtd7 firmware

  2. Restore the art partition how to recover unallocated space on external hard drive command

  mtd -r write /tmp/mtd6 art

  Note: Please be careful to restore the u-boot (mtd0) partition. If how to recover unallocated space on usb flash drive you make a mistake, it will cause bricks. Only the programmer can restore it. As long as u-boot is how to recover undeleted files from old hard drive not broken, all other partitions can be accessed through ttl tftp under u-boot. recover

  Note: In the how to recover usb history in windows 8 1 official change, telnet and ssh are enabled by default. The ssh user name is root and the default how to recover usb partition table in windows 7 password is admin. You can disable telnet or ssh in the advanced settings.

  Special note: K2T firmware how to recover user data windows from hard drive flashing can't directly use the MTD method (mtd -r write xxx.bin firmware), flashing errors are how to recover video files from external hard drive easy to cause failure to start or unable to enter the management page, you should first create a ram how to recover video files from formatted hard drive disk in the memory, and then execute the mtd command!!!

  So if your PHICOMM K2T is dead, it's okay. how to recover video material from dish hard drive There is still a way to save it. Of course, you have to buy a thread. This is a price, and you need how to recover virus infected files from hard drive a little hands-on ability, but generally speaking, it can be repaired successfully.