Sony external hard drive Phison PS225107 Black Tablet Turned into Brick Mass Production Successful Repair Tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

21 2021-08-22 07:20

  A sony external drive is write-protected. After various attempts and no solution, it can only be recover lost data from your hard drive mass-produced, but the result becomes a brick. How to solve it.Share with everyone below

  The first recover lost data hard drive after format choice to detect the main control of the external hard drive, the chip test is as follows

  It can recover lost data on external drive mac be seen that it is the Phison ps2251-07 master control. This master control has mass production tools recover lost data on hard drive mac and can be repaired. However, because the random mass production has become a brick, it needs to be recover lost data on usb flash drive short-circuited to be recognized by the computer. Why does it become a brick? Because of the author recover lost file from external hard drive I have been using the MacBook dual system to try mass production. This may be the reason for the recover lost files from crashed hard drive failure, so you must make sure that your computer is not Apple and the system is win7 to ensure mass recover lost files from external hard disk production success.

  You need to use tweezers to short-circuit the position as follows, you need to recover lost files from formatted hard drive disassemble the external hard drive and short-circuit, insert the computer after the short-circuit, recover lost files from hard drive free and then disconnect the short-circuit after identification by the mass production tool, or short-circuit recover lost files from usb flash drive the 29 and 30 pins of the flash memory

  1. Download the Phison mass production tool, and use recover lost files from usb flash drives the new Phison MPALL 7F V5 for the version.03.0A, open the main program after downloading

  2. Insert recover lost files on a usb drive the external hard drive after the short circuit, and the computer will recognize it

  3. Set according recover lost files on external hard drive to the picture point, and choose Chinese as the language

  4. Others did not move, but I chose recover lost files on hard drive free to automatically burn the firmware. I don't know what the difference is. Anyway, this is successful. recover lost files on usb flash drive Note that this setting will be written into the firmware. It is suitable for a brick external drive. recover lost files on usb memory stick Don't select a external drive without bricks. Burn firmware and clear firmware and auto burn.

  5. recover lost files wd external hard drive Then just wait for mass production to succeed

  6. When mass production is successful, a green bar recover lost folder from external hard drive will be displayed. At this time, close the mass production tool and re-plug the external hard drive.

recover lost hard drive space windows 7   The chip information after mass production has been repaired.

  At this point, the mass production recover lost imap setting old hard drive is successful, and the external drive can be used normally again. A simple toss can save the money recover lost partition on external hard drive for buying a external drive. Why not?.