How to make Win11PE into external hard drive boot[Win11 Solutions]

29 2021-08-22 07:10

  How to make Win7PE into external hard drive boot

  Recently, many friends asked the editor, how to recover lost file from external hardrive make Win7PE into a external drive?For this reason, the editor specially made this graphic guide to recover lost file from hard drive teach you how to make Win7PE into a external drive. Here we also need to download the UItraISO software recover lost file structure hard drive to help us complete.Let's take a look at how to make it.

  1. First install the floppy disk recover lost files from hard drive UltraISO, then insert the external hard drive you want to make (if you are using a external hard drive recover lost files from usb drives to install the operating system, preferably larger than 4G), and then open the software as recover lost files from usb free "administrator".

  2. After opening, find the folder where you placed the win7 pe software in the red box recover lost files from usb stick below, double-click the version of the win7 pe you downloaded in the blue box, and the message as shown recover lost files off of usb below will appear in the black box. USB home

  3. Click "Write to Hard Disk Image" in "Startup CD", recover lost files usb drive mac the following interface will pop up, it is recommended to click "Format" first. external hard drive recover lost folder on usb drive Home

  4. Click "Start" to start formatting. After formatting, click "Write", the following picture recover lost folders external hard drive will appear, and then click "Yes".

  5. Then wait for the writing to be completed. When it displays recover lost hard drive linux live "Burn successfully", it means that you have successfully written the win7 pe software to the external recover lost hard drive partition free drive. After writing to the external drive, there are some magical files in it.!

  6. Restart the recover lost hard drive space mac computer, press the "Delete" button to enter the BIOS, use the keyboard arrow keys to move the red recover lost partition external hard drive box to the third line "Advanced BIOS Features", and then press the enter key. USB home

  7. After recover lost partition on external drive entering the picture below, move the red box to the fifth line to the position shown in the picture recover lost partition on usb drive below, and then press the Enter key.

  8. In the pop-up interface, select "USB-HDD", and then press recover lost partition usb flash drive Enter to confirm, then the USB is the first boot step is completed.Press "F10" again, select "Y" to recover lost partition usb hard drive save, exit and restart. USB home

  9. After restarting, there will be a prompt of "Start USB device" recover lost pictures from hard drive in the figure below, which is to start the external drive you made.

  10. After entering the win7 recover lost remote hard drive subdirectory pe virtual system, take a look at the interface! USB home

  There are many built-in software in the recover lost sectors on hard drive interface, such as DiskGenius, hard disk partitioning, data recovery, and partition table recovery recover lost space on external partition tool. Let's look at the system restore tool: One-click Ghost, and there are many other softwares. I recover lost space on usb drive will not give examples one by one.!In this way, a external drive made of Win7PE has been booted up, try recover lost space sankisd usb drive it quickly.

  The graphic guide of Win7PE made into external hard drive boot: