Laptop battery repair methods

29 2021-07-27 22:20

In summary: the most effective or bios correction method, but this has to be supported by the laptop itself, the second most effective is the third-party software correction, the worst effect is the system manual correction, currently effective laptop battery repair methods on these, if you test a better method may wish to share the following message to everyone.

      Laptop batteries can be used when you buy 3 hours, but after using a period of time can only be used for 1 hour or even half an hour, which is why, in fact, the battery is a consumable, with a long time there will be loss, said professional point is the actual full battery capacity than the design capacity of a special less, then this situation can be repaired, how to repair it, in fact, most of the time the battery itself capacity is not reduced In fact, most of the time the battery capacity itself is not reduced, only after the computer is not normal discharge operation caused by the computer no longer use a certain part of the battery capacity, that is, the battery capacity identification error
      In this case, you only need to correct the battery on it, in order to achieve the purpose of repairing the laptop battery, and currently there are three ways to achieve the correction of the laptop, one is bios correction, one is the system correction, a third-party software to correct the three ways in which users use the most convenient is the second, the effect is also good; and the first is only applicable to older laptops, involving a relatively small surface The third is a certain risk, I encountered a pitfall in the test. Next, the author will introduce you one by one. So which of these three methods is better, the following will give you a comparison, and then you will know how to solve it.

  Verification one: BiOS battery correction function

  Laptop battery

  For use within 1 year of the battery, the battery life becomes shorter, often not because of improper use of the battery or normal aging of the battery, but because the battery in the process of charging and discharging many times, the notebook BiOS system on the battery power misjudgment. The battery has a certain amount of power, but the BIOS incorrectly believes that the power has been exhausted, so that the book forced to shut down. If the battery life shrinks, first of all, do not blindly think that the battery quality problems or improper use of the problem, we can "battery correction" this simple and easy way to let the remaining power to give full play to.

  Laptop lithium battery

  This method is only applicable to some of the older laptops and involves a smaller footprint. These laptops have integrated battery calibration procedures in their BIOS, which is generally called "Battery Calibration" in English, i.e. "battery power calibration". Directly into the notebook BIOS to complete the battery correction operation, here to my Asus A8 notebook for example, a brief description of how to operate, other notebooks operate in a similar manner.

  Step 1.

  After booting up, quickly press the "F2" key to enter the BIOS menu; by using the left and right arrow keys, select to enter the Power menu.

  Step 2.

  When you enter the Power menu, you will see the "Start Battery Calibration" option, select it and press Enter to execute it.

  Battery calibration option

  Step 3.

  At this point the screen will turn blue and there will be a prompt in English asking to plug in the laptop's power adapter to charge the battery. When the battery is fully charged, the screen again prompts the user to disconnect the power adapter. The notebook then begins to continuously discharge the battery until it runs out of power.

  Charging and discharging prompts

  Step 4.

  This step takes longer and requires waiting for the laptop to automatically shut down after the battery is drained, then connect the power adapter to charge the battery, but do not turn it on. The battery calibration process will be complete when charging is complete (charging indicator light goes off).

  Laptop Lithium Battery

  Editor's Note: This battery correction method is only available for users with older laptops at home (some models only), and the entire operation process also takes 4-5 hours, which is time consuming. If you find that your laptop battery is very well maintained and has an excellent battery life range, and the laptop's BIOS comes with this feature, it is recommended to implement it.

  Verification 2: Adjust system settings to give battery correction

  The first method, although effective, is limited to some older models, and we now use laptops in the BIOS is not to find the battery correction option, so these laptops can only be discharged through some of our manual settings to allow the book to work in a normal way until it automatically shuts down.

  Laptop lithium battery

  In addition, I remind you that the process of battery correction is to charge and discharge the battery, but its purpose is not to activate the battery as we think, because nowadays laptop batteries are lithium batteries, there is no question of activation. The real purpose of charging and discharging is to make the computer reacquaint itself with the capacity of the battery. So, try to discharge the battery as cleanly as possible and let the laptop work at a lower power level so that the correction will be effective. Let's take a look at how to do this.

  Step 1.

  This time, we chose the ASUS N55 laptop for the test, and the operating system is WIN7 flagship version. Since the ASUS computer has its own Power4 energy-saving system, we see in the options, in addition to the three options that come with the WIN7 system, there are two options for the Power4 energy-saving system. Here we select a random battery plan and set "Turn off monitor" and "System standby" to "Never" after entering.

  Power Control Interface

  Step 2.

  After that, we select "Change advanced power settings" and uncheck all the options in the "Battery" option, in order to let the battery run out completely until it shuts down.

  Power Advanced Options

  Step 3.

  After setting, close all applications, turn off WIFI, unplug the power adapter and use battery power. Do not do anything until the battery is drained and then it will automatically shut down. This process is estimated to be long and may take several hours. After discharging, connect the power adapter and fill up the battery, then you have completed a battery calibration.

  Specific setting parameters

  Editor's Note: After calibration, we can try to see if the battery life has increased. If it is not obvious, you can follow the above method again, but it is not recommended to do it often. If the battery has been in use for a long time and the effect is not obvious after doing the battery correction, it may be the natural aging of the battery life itself. In addition, if the laptop battery life is normal, we do not recommend the battery correction operation.

  Verification III: Battery correction by software

  Finally, let's talk about the battery correction with the help of software, there are now many similar battery correction software on the Internet, I have also selected two from the experiment, we will come together to see the verification effect and operation steps.

  The first test is battery doubler software.

  Battery Doubler main interface

  Step 1.

  This step is relatively simple, we just need to first follow the contents of the previous page, the first battery management options settings, after confirming that the battery is currently fully charged, and unplug the external power supply.

  Select the Wizards option

  Step 2.

  Open the "Battery Doubler" main interface, and in the "Wizards" tab, click on the "Recalibrate battery "option. In the dialog box that appears, click the "Next" button to start discharging the battery. Don't worry about it, the computer will automatically shut down when it is completely dead.

  Enter and select Next

  Step 3.

  After the battery is completely dead and shut down, connect the power cord and wait for the battery to be fully charged, we will complete a "battery calibration" operation.

  Wait patiently and then complete the battery calibration

  The second test, batterymon software to calibrate the battery test.

  Plug in the power adapter, run Batterymon, click the Start button, turn off the battery when charging is complete, and unplug the power adapter.

  Turn off all applications, adjust the power schedule to "1 minute to turn off the screen and never go to sleep" and then slowly wait for the battery to discharge. Repeat this operation 3 times to successfully correct the battery.

  Editor's Note: Although the software can correct the battery, but the effect depends on how much the actual loss of battery, in general, or effective, there is a laptop battery test increased by 20% of the power, another test only increased by 10%, so you may want to try, maybe your computer can be completely repaired it.Laptop battery repair methods