Toshiba external hard drive Mass Production TutorialProvide blackgray version of mass production tools and testing software[Win11 Solutions]

38 2021-08-22 05:50

  Many friends on asked me for mass-produced tutorials and software from QQ or Gmail after fix external hard drive mbr with active partition recovery pro seeing my post. They were afraid to share the mass-produced software and screenshots of the whole free data recovery from dead external hard drive western digital process.

  If you have any questions or experiences in the mass production process, please leave a message, free data recovery to get files off old hard drive hope more friends can get help or share your experiences.

  In addition, Toshiba is now a gray free deleted file recovery for my external passport hard drive version of the external hard drive, and the firmware and version number are indeed different from the free how to recover damaged partition on external hard drive black version, and the speed is slower than the black version.Tested with a 2G movie in the same free recover data from a hard drive that won't mount environment, the black version is about 16M/Ms, and the gray version is 9.2M/Ms, but mass production free recovery hd file mac lion disk image usb drive is fine, the process is the same as the black version.

  1. This is mass production software (required free software to help recover files from broken internal harddrive software for mass production):

  TOSHIBA Phison Mass Produces MPALL_V3.18.00 (Toshiba 8G)

  2. These free software to recover data from a failing hard drive are two small tools for external hard drive parameter detection (mass production auxiliary free software to recover data from damaged external hard drive software):

  The following is a black version of the mass production process directly to everyone (the free software to recover data from formatted external hard drive process of the gray version is exactly the same), click on the picture to open another page to see a free software to recover deleted files from external hard disk larger picture.

  Friendly reminder: mass production is risky, you need to be cautious when you do it, free software to recover deleted files from external hard drive please do according to your ability before mass production.

  Figure 1. First, open two small softwares free software to recover deleted files from formatted hard drive that detect the parameters of the external hard drive. Note that this is not a mass production free software to recover deleted outlook folder from hard drive tool.During the whole process, you can keep these two softwares on the desktop, do not close them, free software to recover files from corrupted external hard drive so that you can fill in the parameters at any time.

  Figure 2. Parameter reading situation

  Figure free software to recover files from damaged external hard drive 3. Decompress mass production tool software TOSHIBA Phison Mass Production Tool MPALL_V3.18.After 00 free software to retrieve deleted files from external hard drive (Toshiba 8G), I see an MP in the folder.INI file, this is the most important configuration file. The free usb flash drive data recovery 1 1 5 8 configuration parameters of the mass-produced external drive are all here. You can actually modify free usb flash drive data recovery software to deleted files it here in the future, but we are just opening it to see if we have a general impression, and then free usb flash drive data recovery software to undelete files close this document.We will modify this file a little bit before mass production, so we must close free usb flash memory data and hard drive recovery software it first.

  Figure 4. Officially start, double-click in the folder to execute MPALL_F1_070C_v318_00.EXE

  Figure free windows program to recover corrupted unrecognizable usb flash drive 5. As shown in the figure, choose "Chinese" as the language, and then "Set"

  Figure 6. freeware open source hard drive file and delete recovered files Advanced settings, new configuration

  Figure 7. Here is the configuration interface, be sure to get files off suunto ambit peak 3 file retrieval usb select the parameters as shown