How to avoid buying an expanded external hard drive or expanded memory card prevention tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

23 2021-08-22 05:30

  This afternoon, I had nothing to do to go to Huaqiangbei, but I still saw that the stalls were still usb recovery reset to factory mode for comfort panels selling, and some people who hadn't bought them or didn't know the goods bought a few large-capacity usb thumb drive recovery media for s n e6n0cx01021026h ones.Can't stand to go home anymore.In order to allow everyone to identify expansion disks and usb to recover file but it says to format expansion cards and avoid buying these, I will also briefly list a few here.

  1. Electronic market: usb transfer speeds from recovered external hard drive dat a It is also the physical store or specialty store that everyone said, it sells everything, and the usb windows 7 64 bit recovery kit hp download external hard drive memory card is naturally indispensable.First of all, you must look at the store's usb windows 8 1 64 bit recovery kit download sign clearly, whether there is a brand brand hung or affixed in the store, such as a SanDisk storage usb windows 8 1 64 bit recovery kit hp device store, the store will have the name of the agent; secondly, identify whether the packaging usb windows 8 1 64b dual language recovery kit of the device is very clear and behind it There is an anti-counterfeiting code. Generally, the packaging use a usb drive as a windows recovery disc of SanDisk is Chinese. If the packaging is all in English, pay attention to whether the packaging use an external drive as a mac recovery disk is the same as the Chinese. If it is not, do not buy the suspected expansion. Sell English packaging, use carbon copy cloner to copy recovery to usb basically buy English packaging on Amazon.

  2. Online shopping: Online shopping is a very use command prompt to recover deleted files from usb mainstream way of shopping. Mobile devices on are basically genuine products. If you have any use command prompt to recover hidden files from usb questions, you can apply for after-sales.On Taobao, I can be sure that 7 of the 10 stores are for expansion. use command prompt to recover sd files from usb Taobao mainly depends on the price, such as 16g. A certain seller sells free shipping for about use external hard drive as recovery disk windows 10 39 yuan. You can consider whether to buy it or not. If 16g is less than 30 Please don't buy the use hp recovery disk to replace failed hard drive suspected expansion.If the price on Taobao is 20 or 30 yuan, 32g, 64g or more, you can't buy it. 100% use recovery drive windows 10 on another pc usb expansion, the product's praise is also made with illegal software, so people with good eyes can use usb recovery drive to reset pc from cmd generally see that the evaluation is fake. of.In addition to Taobao, there is also a Tmall. Tmall is more use win 7 recovery disk on new hard drive assured than Taobao, because it has flagship stores for mobile devices, such as SanDisk flagship use windows 10 recovery usb on windows 8 computer store, Kingston, Taipower, ADATA, etc. Don't just look at the store, the price can't be ignored, the used recovery usb says its not right for computer most Look at a lot of the same items sold by several stores, and you can buy them after confirming using linux to recover windows files off a harddrive that the price is not abnormal. You can also read the evaluation before buying to let the people know using recovery discs windows 7 with external dvd drive if it is a fake.

  3.Local stalls: Everyone knows that the quality of the items sold in local stalls using sans forensics to recover data on hard drive is far inferior to those on the electronic market and the Internet. Don't buy any stickers, selfie using ubuntu to recover files from external hard drive sticks, power banks, etc.This is also true for external hard drive memory cards. This afternoon, I using usb keyboard with macbook during recovery to type saw the price of the external hard drive memory card hanging on the store. It is 16g39 32g59 64g79 1 using windows 10 recovery usb to fix lost partition 28g99. Obviously, the price of the goods is more expensive than the original products, except that 6 vaio duo 13 wont boot from usb recovery medi a4g and 128g are too cheap.Don't be greedy when you encounter local stalls, beware of buying expansion veritas system recovery 2013 r2 recovery disk on usb equipment that loses data.

  4.How to identify fake products: Before going to a physical store or virtual hard disk resiliency failed to recover the drive buying online, you must figure out the characteristics of the genuine product, especially the packaging w7 using recovery discs for a new hard drive and price.You need to check the actual capacity and chip when you buy it. If the capacity is wait to recover data from hard drive cant afford wrong, return the product directly. The chip can't be detected [except SanDisk], it's better to replace wait to recover data from hard drive can't afford it.

  5.Reference value of the actual capacity of the equipment: 8g [7.20g-7.45g]

  16g【14.40g-14.9 ways to retrieve files frkm a desktop hard drive 0g】




  The chip distinguishes genuine wd backup does not see external drive for recovery and fake products:

  Genuine mainstream master chips: Phison, Qingtai, SanDisk, Xinchuang, Huirong, wd external hard disk data recovery software free download Yincan, Maike, Netac, etc.

  The most widely used master chip for fakes: Anguo, Chipsbank

  Judging wd hard drive makes noise but raw driver recover by the price, the price of genuine external hard drive reference

  This year's external hard drive wd my book 1tb external hard drive data recovery capacity quotation reference [X East average quotation]:

  16g: more than 39 yuan

  32g: 65 yuan or wd my passport 1tb external hard disk data recovery more

  64g: 128 yuan or more

  128g: 285 yuan or more

  Fake goods, expanded disks, and genuine goods wd my passport 1tb external hard disk recovery software with quality problems will appear as follows:

  1.It is prompted to format when plugged into the wd my passport hard click of death drive recovery interface, and the formatting fails [Except for the exFAT format external hard drive to be read in the wd my passport hard drive recovery software windows 10 XP system]

  2.Eliminate poor contact and voltage problems, low or high format prompts that formatting wd recover data from damaged hard drive micro center can't be completed.

  3.Can't format NTFS format.

  4.It is automatically write-protected at wdr hard drive software and repair recovery hard drive every turn, and the write-protection can't be removed [If you use no write-protection after a period wdr hard drive software and repair recovery hard drives of time, it should be a quality problem], it prompts that there is write-protection when formatting.

were to recover pictures from a laptop hard drive   5.Can't open the file inside, indicating that the data is corrupted.

  6.Watching the video watching western digital external hard drive recovery software free download watching other videos mixed in, listening to the music, listening to other songs mixed into it.

  western digital external hard drives data recovery tool recommendation  7.Excluding quality problems, the actual capacity is very close to the nominal capacity.