GALAXY Phison PS3110 master solidstate external hard drive does not recognize repair tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

50 2021-08-22 05:20

  The author's 240G solid state hard drive of a GALAXY armored warrior has passed its shelf life, and a recovery reinstall reboot os usb for all windows suddenly it breaks. It shows that it does not recognize the disk. After installation, the computer access bitlocker recovery key from usb stick with cmd is directly stuck in the BIOS interface, and the flash is short-circuited to recognize 2MB. It is accidentally formatted external drive on mac how to recover completely unusable. Is it only a fish Sell pellets?As a result, I couldn't afford the price, so I had accidentally formatted external hard drive how to recover mac to find a way to repair it, and the repair was successful. The method is not difficult but no one accidentally overwritted everything in external hd how to recover knows, so it is shared for your reference.

  1. First, take a look at the main control of the ssd. accidentally overwritten everything in external hd how to recover As shown in the figure below, you can see that the PS3110-s10C-12 main control of Phison is used, and accidentally overwritten everything in external hdd how to recover the flash memory screen is T58G2JAPAN DP.00C (This flash is TC58NC100 packaged by Toshiba)

  2. Now acer aspire 5230 bios recovery usb phoenix acer bin that I know it is the main control of Phison, I looked for Phison card opening software, but I didn't acer aspire one create recovery usb drive windows 7 find a repair tool called PS3110. After some exploration, I finally figured out how to use it, acronis true image 2015 recovery to new hard drive although generally ssd repairs have to be used. SATA to USB adapter board, which is the kind of adapter acronis true image home recovery manager for usb bootable board in the mobile hard disk box. The main function here is to connect to the USB hard disk box activating windows 10 after hard drive failure recovery hp to make the hard disk more quickly identified so that you can determine what model the hard disk is adata innostor usb flash drive online recovery tool 2013 now recognized. , But did not use it to repair in the end, but some models require an adapter card to admin tool usb for samsung recovery solution 5 download be successful.

  3. Connect the SSD directly to the sata interface of the computer. The computer after using rufus i cannot recover my usb drive needs to be in IDE mode (or Custom mode) (the BIOS option is to change SATA MODE, which corresponds to android phone recover files from lost dir usb storage AHCI mode. Some tools need to be in AHCI mode, maybe Newer computers don't have IDE options anymore, android system recovery 3e apply update from external storage just change to an older computer). If you don't change to ide mode and use the SSD repair tool to any way to recover a blue screen hard drive upgrade the firmware, you will be prompted that the hardware is not found.

  4. Insert the data line any way to recover dats on extrenal hard drive to the ssd first, and short-circuit FBC0 and 3 at the same time.3V short-circuit point, as shown in anyway to retrieve files from a corrupted hard drive the figure below, and then plug in the power cord, I use win7 64-bit system, this short-circuit I apple macos mojave 10.14 usb installer drive recovery upgrade short-circuited for 3 seconds.

  Then go to the device manager (open method: computer icon-right asus recovery usb error asus swm does not exist click-management-device manager-disk drive), expand the disk drive, check whether the hard disk is asus rog g750js how to use usb recovery device recognized, and the model, etc. The computer will respond very slowly during this process. The old computer asus windows recovery from usb insert boot media iso will crash, wait patiently or try another computer. I tried the repair process N times before it average cost of file recovery on a hard drive was successful, so please don't get discouraged and try a few more times.

  5. Download PS3110SA average cost to recover data from failed hard drive Upgrade Tool v1.00 Repair and firmware upgrade tool. After opening this tool, click Get Device INFO, and backup recovery key windows 10 and replace hard drive you will be prompted on the right side of the SSD name, firmware version, serial number, etc., pay bad sectors on hard drive how to recover dat a attention to the firmware version, here is SAFM11.0, pay attention not to detect your mechanical bare metal recovery server 2008 r2 new hard drive hard disk, pay attention to choose device as your ssd, at this time, you will find that it will be best data recovery on a raw external hard drive different from the one displayed on the left side of the built-in firmware in our tool. If it is different, best data recovery software for a clicking hard drive you must generate a firmware matching one yourself. If the firmware upgrade tool is the same, best data recovery software for damaged external hard drive you should be able to directly click upgrade to repair the ssd. Of course, if it fails, it is also best data recovery software for external hard drive mac recommended to generate a new firmware version upgrade tool according to the following method.

  6. best data recovery software for seagate external hard drive Download the PS3110 firmware upgrade tool generator, then find the s10flasher folder inside and open best free data recovery software for damaged hard drive it, then download the PS3110 firmware complete set and find the same firmware as the firmware version best free data recovery software for external hard drive detected above, and we detected SAFM11 above.0 just find this version, choose a new one by date, best free file recovery software for corrupted hard drive such as SAFM11 in the picture below.0_, which means the version in August 2015, copy this file to the best free program to recover data from hard drive s10flasher folder.

  7. After copying in, we renamed to FW.bin, run s10-flasher.cmd, FW will be best free soft3are for external raw drive file recovery generated.exe, and this FW.The exe is the same as the PS3110SA Upgrade Tool above, except that the firmware best free software for recovering external hard drive mac contained in it is the firmware you have just copied, and the firmware is different.

  After the best free software to recover data from hard drive name change

  8. Then we open FW.exe, if the same, click getdevice info first to see if the firmware best free sofware for data recovery from dead harddrive versions displayed on the left and right are the same, click upgrade firmware after confirming the best hard drive data recovery for bad sectors drive same, and wait for the repair to succeed.

  Summary: Of course, it is not as simple as what I wrote. best linux programs for hard drive backup and recovery You may encounter various errors. Most of these errors are caused by the incorrect working mode of best portable hard drive for use as windows recovery the master control of Phison. Short-circuiting the chip contacts can change the working mode. You best program for retrieving files from old hard drive can see Look at this article, which introduces the problem of working mode in detail;

  In the middle, best program to recover data from external hard drive you will encounter the problem of being able to flash but not succeed. You can unplug the solid best program to recover data from formatted hard drive state, plug it in again, and short-circuit it. At this time, the identification information of the best program to recover deleted files from hard drive computer will change, and then basically when you reach a certain mode, you will not Fix it with no best program to recover files from formatted hard drive effort.

  The repair method equivalent to this article is mainly to flash the new firmware, so not every best program to recover formated partioned external hard drive Phison's SSD can be repaired successfully by this method, but if you don't recognize the disk, you best software for data recovery from external hard drive can try it, and it should be repairable. Okay, someone else said SAFM11.The firmware of 0 is unstable, best software for recovering overwritten photos on usb drives and the same problem will still occur after using for a period of time. It is recommended to flash best software recover damaged files from hard drive cnet into SAFM11.3 and above firmware, you can use SAFM11 in the firmware list by yourself.3_.bin to best software to recover data from damaged hard drive generate the firmware upgrader and flash in 11.Version 3.

  Finally, if your GALAXY or other brand's best software to recover data from dead hard drive Phison main control is PS3108 or PS3109, the way of short-circuiting is different, you can refer to best software to recover data from formatted hard drive the picture below

  It can be seen that the ssd of the PS3109 master needs to be shorted to r29 to best software to recover deleted files from hard drive be recognized by the repair tool.