How to encrypt a folder with multiple methods tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

11 2021-08-22 05:00

  We sometimes have very important documents, and if these documents are to be kept secret, how can use windows 10 recovery usb to rebuild mbr we do it.What we need is to encrypt the folder so that others can't know what is in the folder if use windows 8 1 image as recovery usb they don't have a password or can't see it. There are many ways to encrypt a folder. We will learn a use windows 8 recovery usb on windows 7 few very simple encryption today. Way.

  Method one, hide it directly

  1. Windows itself has a folder use windows pro recovery usb to install home hiding function, and many people may not know it, here to teach you the operation, open the folder use windows recovery usb to reinstall efi boot you need to encrypt, then click the right mouse button, select properties, you can see the hidden used recovery usb on laptop still freezing up options as shown in the figure below , We just check hidden.

  2. Then you will be asked to choose used recovery usb says its not right whether to hide the sub-files and folders together, here choose to hide them together, and then click using a hard drive enclosure for data recovery OK.

  3. Then we select tools, folder options, as shown below

  4. Then click View, and pull down to using a recovery usb for alienware 15 solved not show hidden files, folders or drives. If you select here, you won't see our hidden folders. If using dell os recovery and restore usb key you select Show here, you can see these folders, so we have to look at it ourselves. Show it when using dell recovery disk on new hard drive it's time, and hide it again after reading it.

  Method two, use compression software to encrypt

  This using hp recovery disk on new hard drive method is also very simple. Normal computers are equipped with winrar software. If you don't have using hp windows 10 64 bit recovery usb it, you can download and install it. Then we click the right mouse button on the folder we need to using linux to recover data on usb drive encrypt, select winrar, and choose to add to the compressed file.

  Then select set password in the using live persitence usb boot to recover files new window, as shown below

  Enter the password you need to encrypt

  Then click OK. At this time, using recovery disk on new internal hard drive your folder will be encrypted and compressed. After compression, an * will appear.rar file, we delete using recovery disk to install new hard drive the previous folder, when we need to view these files in the future, we must enter the password to using recovery drive on usb on new hardrive decompress this rar file.And the more complex the password, the harder it can be cracked, so you must using recovery usb ends up just black screen remember the password after encryption, otherwise you won't be able to use it later.

  Method three, using sans to recover data on hard drive encryption software to achieve

  One of the more useful ones in this category is Gilisoft Privacy using the recovery usb drive for windows 10 Protector, which is really free in Chinese, so I recommend it to everyone

  We only need to drag the using toshiba recovery disk on new hard drive folder that needs to be encrypted into the software, click to lock the folder, and then enter the using ubuntu boot usb windows hard drive recovery password. If you want to unlock in the future, the password will be unlocked. The encryption level is using windows 10 recovery usb on windows 7 high, so it can't be cracked. It is recommended to remember the password. on the paper.

  Method 4: using windows 10 recovery usb to fix lost.partition The system comes with encryption code

  The system above win7 has its own encryption function, but using windows 10 recovery usb to fix windows it is not easy to use. It is really troublesome to save the certificate and save the password. I won't using windows recovery usb on a different computer introduce it here, just use the above 3 methods. Of course, third-party encryption software There view windows harddrive through external on pc recover are so many, you can choose to use it according to your own situation.