The true and false of the external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

27 2021-08-22 04:50

  [Interpretation of external hard drive True and False]

  Under normal circumstances, I see other windows 10 recovery download to usb people using Kingston's external hard drive, I will first ask, it is true or false, because it is said windows 10 recovery drive usb download that the false rate is 80% (please forget this number, there is no basis).It really made me see a windows 10 recovery drive usb requirements lot of fakes.Also accept the surprise and admiration cast by it.There are many posts on the Internet windows 10 recovery drive usb size about the authenticity of the external drive, so I won't talk about superficial articles here.

  I windows 10 recovery dvd not usb once gave two Kingston external drives to friends in the industry for identification, one is a genuine windows 10 recovery dvd to usb product bought at a high price from a regular agent, and the other is an imitation.As a result, windows 10 recovery external hard drive even professionals admitted the two wrong.

  You will find that the gap between the genuine shell is windows 10 recovery failed hard drive even bigger than the fake one.In the market, it is easy to imitate the shell, and it is explained in windows 10 recovery file download usb the preface that the imitation can be finer than the genuine mold; the rough imitation of the trademark windows 10 recovery file usb download is easy, but with the improvement of anti-counterfeiting technology, the imitation image is quite windows 10 recovery from bootable usb knowledgeable. The latest trademark The sticker uses a two-color perspective printing effect. The windows 10 recovery from usb dell imitation price of the standard market is 2 cents apiece; the anti-counterfeiting call is even more windows 10 recovery hard drive locked interesting. Even if the fake Kingston calls 800 inquiries in the past, someone will receive you windows 10 recovery hard drive reset with a very moving voice. The difference Any identification code you reported is correct.Then the rest windows 10 recovery image to usb is inside, and ordinary consumers can't view it. After plugging into the computer, the main control windows 10 recovery image usb download will simulate all the characters that need to be presented. Even if you use professional tools to windows 10 recovery iso download usb view, all the explicit information can be displayed exactly the same.Unless an expert who knows the windows 10 recovery iso to usb main control chip, it can be seen from the main control that Kingston has never used this main control windows 10 recovery manager bootable usb to make a external hard drive, because Kingston only uses the main control of Taiwan Skymedi and windows 10 recovery media dell usb Phison Phison.But I can tell you that if it is really necessary, the controller chip manufacturer can windows 10 recovery media usb dell cooperate with the factory to let professional tools read out any chip model, but the retail sales windows 10 recovery media usb download of Kingston is very small for the external hard drive.The identification of these professional windows 10 recovery media usb size information is too difficult for ordinary consumers.

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