Which SSS667591 master control mass production tool to use [Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-22 04:40

  Device description: [I:]USB Mass Storage Device(Kingston DataTraveler2.0)

  Device type: mass storage how to recover deleted photos from usb device

  Protocol version: USB 2.00

  Current speed: High Speed

  Power consumption: 100mA

  USB how to recover deleted photos hard drive device ID: VID=0951 PID=1613

  Device serial number:

  Equipment supplier: Kingston

  Device name: how to recover deleted pictures from usb DataTraveler2.0

  Device revision: 0100

  Product manufacturer: Kingston

  Product model: how to recover deleted pictures hard drive DataTraveler2.0

  Product revision: 1.00

  Chip manufacturer: SSS (Xin Chuang)

  Chip model: SSS6675-91

  This how to recover deleted powerpoint from usb is an older external drive. The 3s6675 master recommends using this mass production tool: sss6675 how to recover deleted usb drive fies 0x91 mass production tool 3SMP V2095

  General mass production configuration ini reference:

  Put how to recover deleted video from usb Normal.ini amended as follows:

  PN=Kingston DataTraveler 2.0


  PRODUCT_NAME= how to recover deleted videos from usb "DataTraveler 2.0"


  This configuration is used to repair the external hard how to recover deletedfiles from hard drive drive.Separate configuration for mass production cdrom.