Introduction to the necessary optimization tools for SSD Fresh solid state drivesreduce the number of disk reads and writes greatly extend the service life[Win11 Solutions]

27 2021-08-22 04:30

  For a long time, the read and write speed of ordinary mechanical hard disks has always been the free usb data recovery software with bottleneck of computer speed, while SSD solid-state hard disks have attracted countless computer free usb drive file recovery software enthusiasts with many advantages such as extremely high performance, no noise, stability, and low heat free usb flash data recovery mac generation.So even though the current price of solid-state drives is still relatively expensive, it is free usb flash drive data recovery slowly gaining popularity.!

  It is no exaggeration to say that once you change the solid state free usb flash drive data recovery.exe drive, the speed of the whole machine will come immediately, and you will never want to go back to the free usb flash drive recovery download previous era.!Especially on some notebooks with mediocre performance, the improvement is very free usb flash drive recovery software obvious.However, the read and write life of the solid state drive is limited, and the performance will free usb flash drive recovery tool decrease if it takes a long time.So today I recommend to everyone a very good SSD solid state drive free usb flash drive repair software optimization software-SSD Fresh.It can better allow your solid state drive to perform its due performance, free usb memory stick recovery software while reducing some non-essential read and write operations, thereby greatly extending its service free usb recovery drive hp spectre life.

  Introduction to SSD Fresh:

  The current price of SSD is still relatively high, so proper free usb recovery media for asus care is still needed.Because of the working principle of the SSD hard disk, every time the hard disk free usb recovery software for windows is written to, the solid state hard disk is losing its life.And even for the newer Windows7 operating free usb recovery software free download system, the initial design was mainly to design for ordinary mechanical hard drives, and did not free usb recovery software full version go deep to optimize for solid state drives, let alone the earlier XP.So we still need to use third- free usb recovery software os x party tools for special optimization of solid state drives.

  Screenshot of SSD Fresh software free usb recovery software windows 7 interface

  SSD Fresh is a very practical and completely free SSD optimization tool. It supports Windows free usb stick data recovery software XP~Win7. Its software interface is relatively simple. You can easily optimize the system to increase free usb stick deleted file recovery the life of your SSD.

  View the S of the SSD.M.A.R.T state

  You can see some parameters of the free windows 10 bootable recovery usb hard disk through "Overview", select the corresponding hard disk and click "S.M.A.R.T data" can see free windows 10 password recovery usb more attributes, so as to better understand the status of your hard drive.

  Introduction to the free windows 10 recovery tool usb optimization project of SSD Fresh:

  The optimization operation of SSD Fresh is actually very simple and free windows 10 recovery usb download foolish. Click "Optimization" to start the optimization operation, and then select "Optimize" under free windows 10 recovery usb file the icon to optimize the item. When the icon turns into a green tick, it means that the item has been free windows 7 password recovery usb optimized. Succeeded.Let's explain to you the general meaning of the SSD Fresh optimization project, free windows 7 recovery disk usb so that everyone can use it with a bottom line.

  Windows file indexing, although indexing can free windows 8 1 recovery usb make searching faster, hard disk writing will become very frequent.We strongly recommend that you use free windows 8 password recovery usb tools such as Everything and Lightspeed Search to replace the original Windows search function;

  Since free windows hard drive recovery tool the working principle of solid state hard disk and ordinary mechanical hard disk is completely free windows password recovery software usb different, SSD does not need to defragment the disk at all, otherwise it will only reduce the life free windows password recovery tool usb span, without any optimization effect;

  Whenever the system reads and writes files on the hard disk, free windows password recovery using usb it will record the reading time. This is unnecessary. Omitting this operation can reduce a lot of free windows system recovery bootable usb hard disk operations;

  File pre-reading, automatically load some commonly used files into the memory. free windows vista password recovery usb Because the performance and speed of solid-state hard drives are better, this operation can be free windows vista recovery usb download omitted;

  Defragmentation of boot files:

  Defragmenting the boot files is unnecessary for SSD hard free windows xp password recovery usb disks;

  Windows event logging:

  Record system event log.It is estimated that there are not many people freenas recover key from usb drive who will really analyze the system error log. Turning it off can save a lot of hard disk reads and freeware data recovery corrupted hard drive writes;

  system recovery.It will often write some records that need to be backed up. If you use Ghost freeware for data recovery from usb or other backup methods, this function can be turned off;

  8.3 name creation:

  In order to be freeware partition recovery for usb stick compatible with the old 16-bit DOS system, Windows will generate 8-character short file names for all freeware recover data damaged hard drive files/folders (for example, the "Program File" folder will correspond to "PROGRAM~1") for its use, freeware recover files from hard drive which will also trigger A large number of hard disk reads and writes.But we don't usually use it, it freeware to recover formatted hard drive can be turned off;

  Windows Trim function:

  Turn on the Trim function of Windows.This is a unique freeware windows 8 password recovery usb optimization technology specifically for SSD hard drives

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