Jinshengwei solid state drive MK8115 master card successfully opened tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

13 2021-08-22 04:10

  When I was using a Jin Shengwei solid state hard drive to make the system, I stopped moving midway. hp recovery disk external hard drive Then after restarting, I found that the solid state hard drive became 4M capacity and could not be hp recovery disk fresh hard drive used at all. This should be the firmware drop, so I need to use the card opening software to repair hp recovery disk larger hard drive it. , Open it and see that the main control is MK8115. Fortunately, this main control has a corresponding hp recovery disk new hard drive card opening tool, so the final repair was successful. Here is the repair process and tools hp recovery disk smaller hard drive for everyone.

  After disassembling, the square in the middle is the main control.

  1. Download hp recovery from usb windows 10 preparation tools

  MKSorting811x_A.0.01.011 flash memory detection software

  MKMassProd811x_A.0.04.013 hp recovery from usb windows 8 mass production software

  2. First use the detection software to test whether the flash memory of hp recovery manager external hard drive the solid state drive is faulty, plug the solid state drive directly into the sata interface of the hp recovery manager hardware driver reinstallation computer, or use the mobile hard drive box to plug into the usb port, and then open MKSorting811x, hp recovery manager insert usb drive after identifying the ssd, it needs to be short if it is not recognized Connect the short-circuit point hp recovery manager new hard drive on the ssd, and then click start to start the test, as shown in the figure below, the test result hp recovery manager save to usb is no problem.

  3. Then you can open the card, open the card opening software MKMassProd811x_A.0.0 hp recovery manager usb flash drive 4.013

  4. After identifying your ssd and flash memory as shown below, click start

  5. After waiting hp recovery manager usb windows 10 for a while, the pass will be 100% green and it will show that the card is successfully opened.

   hp recovery manager usb windows 8 6. The ssd information after the card is successfully opened is as follows.

  7. After the card is hp recovery manager windows 10 usb successfully opened, we will plug it in again, and use the speed test software to measure the speed hp recovery manager windows 7 usb of the ssd. The speed of the sata interface is good, as shown in the figure below.

  Summary: This hp recovery manager windows 8 usb master-controlled solid-state drive is still very simple to open the card, no setting is required, the hp recovery manager windows 8.1 usb card can be opened directly, so the difficulty is relatively low.