How to restore the deleted files and empty the recycle bin[Win11 Solutions]

20 2021-08-22 03:10

  Sometimes we may feel anxious because we accidentally deleted some important files or data. In fact, how to make a windows 7 crysis recovery usb we don't need to be anxious. It's easy to restore them.What the editor brings today is a simple how to make a windows 7 recovery usb drive and powerful data recovery software-EasyRecovery download.

  First of all, let's first understand the how to make a windows 7 recovery usb stick data structure of the hard disk, the principle of file storage, and the startup process of the how to make a windows 7 usb recovery disk operating system.The hard disk is composed of a set of disks with a metal material as the base layer. The how to make a windows 8.1 recovery usb stick early IBM hard disk disks are made of glass, with a magnetic coating attached to the disks, and how to make a windows recovery disk on usb data is read and written by the rotation of the hard disk itself and the movement of the magnetic how to make a windows recovery usb win 7 head.The outermost circle is called the "0" track.It records a series of most important information such how to make acer revo l 80 recovery usb as hard disk specifications, models, master boot records, directory structure, etc.When the hard how to make an hp windows 8 recovery usb disk reads a file, it first searches for the initial sector of the file from track 0, but the deletion how to make an os x recovery usb drive is different. The system only marks the deletion standard for the file information of track zero.In how to make bootable recovery usb for windows 7 fact, the file itself has not been cleared, but the space occupied by the file is displayed as how to make bootable usb windows 7 recovery disk released in the system. Moreover, when you store the file on the hard disk next time, the system will how to make osx10 9 2 recovery bootable usb give priority to the real blank area, and only these areas are The space actually occupied by the deleted how to make recovery partition on your hard drive file will be overwritten after it is used up.In addition, even after the hard disk is formatted how to make recovery usb for a surface go (such as Format), as long as it is rescued in time, there is still hope that it will be recovered. I how to make recovery usb for windows 10 dell will give you a detailed introduction below.

  We first delete all the text and documents in the doc how to make recovery usb for windows 7 dell and txt format in the E disk folder.

  Files in the directory

  Delete all and put in the recycle how to make system recovery disc windows 10 usb bin

  Install software interface

  It should be noted that EasyRecovery is an English software, this how to make system recovery disc windows 7 usb site downloads a Chinese version.

  software interface

  After starting EasyRecovery, click on "Data how to make windows 10 recovery cd without usb Recovery" in the list on the left.There are six options in data repair, namely: disk diagnosis, how to make windows 7 recovery disk on usb data recovery, file recovery, email recovery, software update, rescue center.We click data recovery, how to move hp recovery partition to external drive and then click DeletedRecovery, its function is to find and recover deleted files.

  After clicking how to move recovery partition to another hard drive DeletedRecovery, the dialog box on the figure will appear. The left side is the existing disk partition, how to move recovery storage to new hard drive and the right side is the scanned file type. After selecting the partition where the file is to how to override admin password to recover hard drive be recovered, click Next to perform a quick scan. If you need to change the partition For a thorough how to partition hard drive mac from recovery mode scan, just check the box before "complete scan". After selecting the partition, we click "Next".

   how to perform a data recovery from hard drive Because what we just deleted is the file in the E drive, so we choose the drive letter of the hard how to perform data recovery on external hard drive disk as E, after clicking Next, the software will start to scan the partition you just selected.The how to perform data recovery on failed hard drive results came out after 3 to 5 minutes of scanning, and then we chose a complete scan, the time required how to pull recovery img from failed hard drive is about 20 minutes, as shown in the figure below.

  After the scan is complete, you can see the how to put linux on usb useing chromebook recovery folder on the left. At this time, we click on the article folder that was just deleted. The file how to put linux on usb using chromebook recovery listed on the right is the deleted file that can be recovered. Select a file to be recovered, and tick how to put recovery partition on new hard drive in front of the file. Yes, then click "Next".According to the different situation, it is also introduced how to put windows 7 recovery disk on usb in the solution diagram.

  Choose recovery address

  After selecting the file to be restored, how to recover not saved in usb we will choose the option of the recovery target. Generally, we restore to the local drive. At this how to recover a bad hard drive raid 10 time, it should be noted that the restored file can't be the same as the original save partition, how to recover a broken win 10 hard drive otherwise it can't be saved.For example, what we just deleted was the folder on the E drive, and then how to recover a corrupted external hard drive mac we chose to store the document on the D drive<恢复>Folder. After clicking Next, the file will be restored. how to recover a corrupted word document on usb After the restoration is complete, a dialog box will pop up to display the file restoration report. how to recover a damage wd passport hard drive You can save or cancel, and the file restoration is complete.

  I believe that friends who have how to recover a deleted file from usb stick used EasyRecovery should be more satisfied with its recovery effect. EasyRecovery can not only recover how to recover a deleted file on a usb deleted files, but it can also recover formatted hard disk partitions and boot records, partition how to recover a external hard drive for free tables, FAT tables, boot areas, etc.In the future, if you have an important file deleted by mistake, how to recover a external hard drive that won' don't forget to use EasyRecovery, it can help you.