Data recovery method by removing eMCP/EMMC flash memory[Win11 Solutions]

25 2021-08-22 01:30

  Data recovery method by removing eMCP/EMMC flash memory

  You can try it if you need it.I hope to how to recover windows password with usb be helpful,.

  First, the mobile phone can become fragmented, but the memory on the motherboard must how to recover wiped hard drive android be intact. Note that it is not the running memory, but the body memory is intact, because the data how to recover wiped hard drive mac is stored in the body memory. USB home

  The idea of restoring data is: first check the letters on how to recover your deleted hard drive the memory chip, and then query the chip model. For example, the following example is Hynix eMCP (as how to recover your external hard drive shown in the figure below), FBGA221 package.Find the external hard drive main control board and the how to recover your hard drive dat a drive-free main control model that support the pin position (known to be supported by Anguo AU6438) how to recover your laptop hard drive . If you can't find the main control board, you can also find a card reader and query the official how to recover your own hard drive datasheet data point of the corresponding hard drive model. Flying wire connection.

  After the how to recovery an extrnal hard drive hardware is connected, open DiskGenius to analyze the hard disk partition structure, it can be seen that how to recovery from a usb drive there are a lot of logical partitions.After determining the logical partition where the user data how to recovery lenovo yonga from usb is located, open R-Studio to scan and analyze the data directory structure, and all data can be how to recovery macbook pro from usb completely recovered.

  Photos can be restored directly.Contacts, text messages, etc. are stored in the how to recovery platinum from hard drive SQlite database format, and you need to install the Linux system to convert them to restore how to recovery seagate external drive mac decryption.

  This method is applicable to mainstream mobile phone memory hard drives such as eMMC, eMCP, how to recovery usb flash drive photos FBGA153, FBGA162, etc.

  The specific steps are:

  1. First remove the mobile phone memory chip

  2. how to recovery windows 10 from usb Then prepare the soldering air gun, the temperature is moderate, and remove the memory chip from the how to recovery windows 10 with usb mobile phone motherboard. external hard drive Home

  3. Prepare the tools for soldering the eMCP how to reformat usb to recover missing chip to the main control board of the external hard drive as shown in the figure below. USB home

  4. how to reinstall windows from usb recovery Prepare the drive-free main control board of Anguo's main control, which does not contain memory, how to reinstall windows using recovery usb but contains other main control parts. The flash memory is soldered to be a complete external hard how to repair windows 10 recovery usb drive. The main control board can be purchased online. external hard drive Home

  5. Use a hot air gun how to reset pc with recovery usb and a soldering tool to solder the previously removed memory chip to the external hard drive main how to restore with recovery usb backup control board. USB home

  6. Welding emmc or amcp can be done, the difference between the two mobile how to retrieve deleted files from usb phone memory is as follows.

  7. The figure below is a schematic diagram of the pin functions of how to retrieve deleted files on hardrive various Hynix memory chips

  8. Then insert the welded external drive into the computer, use diskgenius how to retrieve files from a usb to analyze the hard disk partition structure, you can see all the partitions in the memory that were how to retrieve files from broken usb in the phone before, find the partition where you store important data such as photos, and then use how to retrieve files from corrupted usb diskgenius professional Version of the data recovery function, just export the data.

  This is the how to retrieve files from damaged usb end of the tutorial, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

  How to recover data after removing how to retrieve files from hard drive eMCP/EMMC flash memory: