The 16bit serial number analysis and modification of the PS225150 main control of Phison[Win11 Solutions]

13 2021-08-22 01:20

  I just bought the Apacer Iron Man AH321 16G, Phison 2251-50, with a 16-digit serial number. I want free picture recovery from hard drive to mass-produce the serial number back to the factory. I tested it several times and got some free portable hard drive recovery software conclusions:

  Serial number segment Custom Code 2 digits | Production date 4 digits ("Year" takes the free raw hard drive recovery software last two digits in hexadecimal digits, "Month" takes hexadecimal digits, and "Day" takes hexadecimals free recover data from usb drive occupies 2 digits, According to the original, change the computer time to the corresponding one) | free recover data from usb stick Test PC Number 2 digits (set in the mass production tool) | Unknown 4 digits | Serial Number 4 digits free recovery data software hard drive (if only 1 external drive is mass produced, usually our computer There is only one external drive free recovery of external hard drive in mass production, which is Start Serial Number)

  other instructions:

  I'm not sure if the first free recovery of files for usb two are Custom Code, because my original first two are 7F, and the first two without mass production free recovery software formatted hard drive are 09. I don't know if it is related to VID and PID.

  Custom Code is added after [Customize Info], free recovery usb iso no keyboard for example: Customer Code=0x7F

  Start Serial Number and End Serial Number can't be set to the same. free software data recovery usb drive If they are set to the same, an error will be reported before starting mass production. You can free software for hard drive recovery set Count to 1, and End Serial Number will automatically add 1 to Start Serial Number, and End Serial free software recovery external hard disk Number will not affect , Because only 1 external drive is mass-produced, the Serial Number section free software usb recovery not recognized of the mass-produced external drive is Start Serial Number .After mass production is successful once, free toshiba canvio hard drive recovery the next mass production will be counted based on the last LOG file, and the next time will become free unlimited external hard drive recovery the last 4 digits of the previous time plus 1. Make sure that the value of Start Serial Number is free unlimited hard drive recovery software the value of Start Serial Number after mass production, and after mass production is cleared Generated free unlimited recover external hard drive log file

  Prefix does not affect the 16-bit serial number generation. If the prefix is filled in, free usb bootable data recovery software it will be added to the front, so that the SN becomes more than 16 digits, and the maximum is 24 free usb data recovery 3gp software digits.

  Now it's the 4 unknowns who don't know what it means, and don't know what to adjust to free usb data recovery software cnet change

  It is found that the unknown 4 digits will be different when tested with different computers. free usb data recovery software mac After mass production, the Report-**** folder will be generated. **** is the unknown 4 digits.