How to upgrade the Win11 system bios the operation method of the Win11 system bios upgrade[Win11 Solutions]

13 2021-08-22 00:50

  We all know that bios is a program on a rom chip on the motherboard of a computer. It stores the recover files from western digital external hard drive most important basic input and output programs of the computer, self-checking program after power-on, recover files off a broken external hard drive and system self-starting program. We can upgrade bios by using the corresponding upgrade software. recover files on a password protected usb drive , Then how to upgrade the win7 system biosToday, I will share with you the operation method of win7 recover files on compact presario cq57 hard drive system bios upgrade.

  BIOS upgrade operation method:

  1. First determine whether the motherboard recover files on external drive but cant access has an upgradeable Bios data file.Open the case, check the motherboard model, and then search the pipe recover files on external hard drive without formatting network to find the corresponding motherboard Bios upgrade program.Here I would like to remind recover files on hard drive that were deleted friends who want to upgrade Bios, be sure to download the Bios data file that matches the motherboard recover files structure hard drive mac os x Bios the picture shows:

  2. Decompress the downloaded Bios upgrade program and data files, recover files time machine backup external hard drive and then copy them to the C drive. In order to better manage the files, create a new folder in the recover firefox bookmarks from old hard drive mac root directory of the C drive and name it "UpateBIOS", and then copy the Bios The upgrade program and recover from usb device not recognized win 10 data files are copied to this directory, and it is busier .as the picture shows:

  3. Restart the recover from usb device not working win 10 computer, press the keyboard (usually the "F12" key for AWORD) when the boot screen appears to enter recover hard drive click continue to permanently access the CMOS settings, enter the "BIOS Features Setup", and set the "Virus Warning" to "Disabled".as the recover hard drive daa with file location intact picture shows:

  4. After the setting is complete, press F10 to save and exit CMOS and restart. recover hard drive data from dead hard drive During the computer startup process, keep pressing F8 to enter the system startup menu, and then select recover hard drive from macbook pro 2018 spill "Enter Command Prompt".as the picture shows:

  5. At the command prompt, type the command as shown recover hard drive not detected will not open in the figure to switch the current directory to "c: UpdateBios".as the picture shows:

  6. Type the recover hard drive permission i o device error command: UpdateBios at the current command prompt, and press Enter to enter the Bios update program, recover hard drive space restore factory defaults dell and the following picture will appear on the display:

  7. According to the prompt on the screen, recover hard drive that isn't showing up anymore enter the upgrade file name: Bios.BIN, and press Enter to the picture shows:

  8. The recover hard drive usb thumb drive pc mag refresh program prompts whether to back up the Bios file of the motherboard. For safety, you must back recover hard drive usb thumb drive pc world up the Bios content of the current system to the machine and remember its file name. Here, the Bios recover hard drive wont mount to mac os backup file is named BACK.BIN, so that when an error occurs during the update of the Bios, the original recover images from formatted card or hard drive Bios data can be rewritten the picture shows:

  9. Enter the file name to be saved in the recover info from old pc hard drive ide "File Name to Save" box: BACK.BIN.After pressing Enter, the refresh program starts to read the Bios recover information from a hard drive deleting partition content of the motherboard and save it as a the picture shows:

  10. After the backup job recover information from broken hard drive using cmd is completed, the screen that appears in the refresh program is as follows, asking if you want to recover installation of office from old hard drive upgrade the picture shows:

  11. Select "Y", the refresh program will start to refresh the Bios recover internal hard drive to external hard drive formally. During the process of refreshing the Bios, do not shut down midway, otherwise the computer recover internet explorer passwords from old hard drive may have unexpected the picture shows:

  12. When the progress bar reaches 100%, the recover internet explorer saved passwords from hard drive refresh process is complete, and the refresh program prompts you to press "F1" to restart or press "F1 recover internet explorer saved passwords fron hard drive 0" to exit the refresh program.Generally choose to reboot, press F10 to enter Bios settings, enter " recover iso files from a formatted hard drive BIOS Features Setup", and set "Virus Warning" to "Enable".Finally restart the computer again, at this recover large deleted files from external hard drive point, the upgrade of Bios is completed.