How to modify the external hard drive boot boot [Win11 Solutions]

25 2021-08-22 00:40

  After you modify B or o in the BootBCD path, all B or o will become your modified characters, just recovery hard drive is locked mac like variable references.For example: modify B in Boot to Q and o to Q, then BootBCD will become recovery hard drive mac disk utility QQQtQCD.At the end, a section of batch code will be given for everyone to understand. You can also use recovery hard drive with bad sectors this section of batch processing to test the modified actual path.

  The following demonstrates how recovery key for external hard drive to modify BootBCD to QQQQQQQ:

  1. Crack the self-check

  Use a hexadecimal editor to open bootmgr recovery mac hard drive on windows (such as: C32Asm), jump to the offset address 105E, and then modify 74 03 to EB 08. Note: The principle recovery manager hp windows 7 usb is also relatively simple, that is, modify the conditional jump (je) to unconditional Jump (jmp) recovery media windows 10 on usb .

  Same as above, first open bootmgr, jump to offset address 5464C, modify 42 0C 00 6F to 51 0C 00 recovery mode copy files linux usb 51, and jump to offset address 5390F, modify 74 to 51.

  Open bootmgr, jump to offset , modify 43 00 recovery mode mac files onto usb 44 to 51 00 51.

  4. Modify boot in BCD.sdi path

  Open regedit to load the configuration unit BCD, recovery no sd card external found find boot.sdi, then Bootboot.sdi modified to QQQQboot.sdi.

  5. Turn off the integrity check of recovery not recoginizng my hard drive bootmgr

  Namely: digital signature

  bcdedit -store QQQ -set {bootmgr} nointegritychecks Yes@echo off& recovery of a formatted hard drive setlocal enabledelayedexpansion


  set /p recovery of deleted files from usb 5464C=5464C=B:

  set /p 5464F=5464F=o:

  set /p 5390F=5390F=t:

  echo.!5464A!!5464C!!5464F!!5464F!!5 recovery of external hard drive dat a390F!!5464A!!5464C!!!